5 mins ago

    Secret Service seized phones of 24 agents in Capitol riot response: report

    The Secret Service seized the cellphones of 24 agents who were involved in the response…
    3 hours ago

    Trump Pays Tribute to North Dakota Teenager Killed for Being a Republican

    President Donald Trump last week issued a statement on his social media platform, Truth Social,…
    5 hours ago

    WARNING: The Coming Crisis of Faith Is Coming!

    A “crisis of faith” is coming soon. I’ve been warning you for a couple years…
    19 hours ago

    [VIDEO] Oh Boy, Obama Makes a Big “Faux Pas” at a Swanky Sushi Joint in LA

    Must be nice to be Barry Obama, right? This guy gets to make up all…
    21 hours ago

    Brooklyn Capitol rioter got call from White House on Jan. 6: report

    A Brooklyn man who was among the mob of Donald Trump supporters that stormed the…
    24 hours ago

    New York Times defends surgeon who mutilates children in the name of gender transition

    “More Teens are Choosing ‘Top Surgery’,” announces the headline of an article published in The…
    1 day ago

    Shocking Video: Russian man shoot draft officer after Putin’s mobilization order

    Shocking video footage shows a Russian man gunning down a draft officer Monday to avoid…
    2 days ago

    BREAKING: Italy Elects Its First Female and Populist Leader in History – Giorgia Meloni

    The Italian Center Right Party won big in national elections on Sunday making Georgia Meloni…
    2 days ago

    Bill Maher Blows Up Michael Moore: ‘Shut The F**K Up!’

    As his show opened, Maher introduced Moore and noted that it was the 20th anniversary…
    2 days ago

    Whistleblower on the Board of Elections Exposes Democrats’ Scams!

    The Democrat Party’s radical left has long worked to alter America’s demographics. Their socialist policies…
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