Woke Jesus SuperBowl Ad Causing A Lot Of Controversy — What Did You Think?


Did you love it?

Hate it?

Chances are you weren’t indifferent to it after you saw it.

If you haven’t seen the ad, you can watch right here:

In case the screens moved too fast or you didn’t catch it, you have multiple scenes implying the Jesus would “wash the feet” of abortionists, gays and Muslims because he “loves us all”.

Ok I’m just going to give you my take right upfront and you can feel free to disagree if you want.

Yes, Jesus loves everyone.

But he’s not 1-dimensional.

And I really despise anyone who tries to use his name (the name above all names) to push their Woke agenda.

Jesus loves everyone, yes, but at the EXACT SAME TIME he calls people to turn away from sin, he doesn’t endorse it.

Your worldview might not agree, but there is no Jesus who is going to show up and endorse and embrace abortions, or being gay, or worshipping Mohammed.

Sorry, just ain’t gonna happen.

And using his name to push your propaganda is downright evil in my book.

I agree with Vernon Jones:

Another opinion:

Poso gets it:

Subversive is a good word for it:

Perversion and mockery are two other good words:

So is nauseating:

Donald Gibson put it:

So that’s my opinion and I clearly have a strong one on this point.

But I want to hear from you….

What did you think?


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