DeSantis’ Personal Ties to Disney Are Very Deep – Something He Didn’t Mention During Their “Battle”


Ron DeSantis went after woke Disney. It was the right thing to do at the time. Disney has turned into modern-day groomers, recruiting young, impressionable kids into the LGBTQ army.

So, DeSantis supposedly went after them “hard” at one point. Or so it seemed. A lot of it was for show. The new legislation that just passed which supposedly “strips” Disney of all its power is over hyped and exaggerated and is likely more “PR” for the public than anything else. In actuality, Disney won’t miss a beat, and nothing really changes for them.

From Vanity Fair

In establishing the new district, the Legislature left almost all of its powers intact. The legislation does remove the power to build a nuclear power plant and an airport, but those powers had never been used.

The practical effect of the change could end up being negligible and park employees and visitors are unlikely to notice any difference. But DeSantis and future governors will have broad power to make life difficult for Disney if they choose to exercise it.

“It’s like Disney is operating in a low-security prison, where they can still do what they want to do but there’s guards around them at all times,” said Rep. Anna Eskamani, D-Orlando, who has been among the most vocal critics of the state takeover. “They can’t speak up against the governor ever.”

It’s the not the “sweeping change” or big power-grab we were told it was, but that’s how DeSantis tends to operate, with a lot of smoke and mirrors.

Typical establishment politician.

And again, this whole “battle” has a very “PR” feel to it… and now, we likely know why.

DeSantis, like many Americans and people from all over the world, has very close and personal ties to Disney, as we’re all finding out now.

It turns out that DeSantis loves Disney so much that he and his wife actually got married at one of the priciest properties at Disney World – “The Grand Floridian.”

Business Insider reported that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis opened up publicly for the first time about how he and his wife, Casey DeSantis, ended up exchanging their vows during a fairy tale wedding at Walt Disney World Resort — only to engage in a brutal battle with the family-favorite company 13 years later.

In an interview with Florida first lady Casey DeSantis, the Republican governor confirmed Insider’s November 2022 reporting about the wedding, which had never been previously reported and wasn’t widely known among the Florida political class.

“In looking forward to what we ended up doing as governor and some of the face-offs that we had with some major institutions in Florida, it’s kind of ironic,” DeSantis said, according to a transcript and recording of the interview shared with Insider, which will air Monday on conservative SiriusXM Patriot radio.

In the interview, Casey DeSantis acknowledged that the revelation, which came ahead of Election Day, “created a lot of news.” Her parents had the idea that they get married at Disney World because they always looked forward to visiting the theme park when she was growing up in Ohio, she said.

There’s nothing wrong with getting married at Disney, and it probably would have been better to mention it at the time of the so-called “battle,” people would  have understood. Not mentioning something THAT BIG is what’s odd and feels very “smarmy-politician-like.”

But the truth is, DeSantis isn’t a trustworthy guy. After all, as we speak, he’s building a team to try and challenge President Trump – who bent over backwards to help DeSantis when he needed it most back in 2018.

Loyalty is a trait that matters… and most politicians don’t have it.


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