BREAKING: Biden’s State Department Official Admits Great Replacement is Real


In a third video in a series investigating the U.S. State Department, officials provide an inside look at the Biden Administration’s disastrous handling of the mass illegal immigration crisis, and even provide a theory for why the Southern Border has been left wide open – to change the population demographics of the United States.

Daniel Fitzgerald, a State Department Official responsible for allocating U.S. foreign aid across the Western Hemisphere told a Veritas investigative journalist that the U.S. State Department will be forced to answer to Congress for its failure to slow migration from Central America.

He describes failed efforts to pour ‘four billion over four years’ into Central America as part of the Biden Administration’s “Root Causes Strategy.” Under this plan, Washington provides foreign assistance to Latin American countries in order to preemptively relieve hardships that would trigger migrants to abandon their countries for the U.S. However, Fitzgerald shares that the plan isn’t working because migrants are now coming from new countries they didn’t account for.

“Migrants are coming from elsewhere, like Venezuela. So, we’re like, this [the Root Causes Strategy] doesn’t solve that problem.”

Fitzgerald admits that while he didn’t originally see illegal immigration as a concern, his mind has changed and those who raise issue with unchecked immigration are ‘on to something.’

“In my mind, I’m like oh, it’s not that much [illegal immigration]. And then I see the chart, I’m like oh that’s a lot compared to twenty years ago.”

As the U.S. experiences an unparalleled influx of illegal border crossings, Fitzgerald admits he and his colleagues are puzzled and without solutions. “There’s no clear answer,” he says. This appears to be a concerning admission of either incompetence or unwillingness of the Biden Administration’s ability to get a handle on the Southern Border.

Fitzgerald admits these negative immigration optics are a problem that could threaten Biden’s reelection odds.

“It looks bad for any administration because no one solves migration… it’s like the end all, be all, kill pill for politics.”

In another division within the U.S. State Department, an International Consular also criticized this administration’s handling of mass migration and expressed a desire to tell the world what he’s witnessed in his role.

“I wish people knew we were letting in criminals [to the United States] daily.”

The official went on to explain that Mexico is sending “the worst of the worst” into the U.S. He described a scenario where illegal immigrants send billions in U.S. wages back to Mexico, stating Mexico enjoys the influx of cash and has no incentive to intervene.

Why is all this happening? The end goal of unchecked migration, the official says, is demographics change in the U.S.

“Traditional, standard Americans are not leftists. Latin Americans are all leftists. This is just to try and change the demographics [of the United States].

The intentional goal of elites to replace ethnic European populations with demographically and culturally different groups through mass migration is a theory known as “the Great Replacement,” popularized by French novelist and political activist, Renaud Camus.

This theory of demographic substitution is often criticized by legacy media as racist and xenophobic and results in violence. Those who suggest that it may be true and notice it happening, or who note that Democrats may be using illegal immigration to secure votes, are routinely deplatformed and demonized.

This has happened to people as prominent and as diverse as billionaire Elon Musk, Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, or journalist Tucker Carlson – who are routinely flogged by media and labeled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ for noticing that this theory might be true.

Critics of the Great Replacement idea omit that the demographics of the United States have indeed changed – at numerical levels greater than at any time in American history.

In fact, since President Biden’s election, growth in the foreign-born population of the United States has been unprecedented, increasing by 6.6 million in just 39 months.

A May 2024 Report produced by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) explains, “The foreign-born population increased 5.1 million from March 2022 to March 2024…the numerical increase in the last two years is larger than in any two-year period in American history… 51.6 million and 15.6 percent of the population, the foreign-born population is higher now than at any time in American history. The number of immigrants has increased five-fold since 1970, 2.6-fold since 1990, and by more than two-thirds since 2000.”

While Project Veritas in unable to verify if demographic replacement is indeed the goal of the Biden Administration, it’s clear that this is certainly the reality and result of the administration’s policies, and migrants from Latin America are a large contributing factor to this shift.

CIS explains, “The recent increase in the foreign-born population from Latin America is an indication of the large role illegal immigration has played in the dramatic increase in the overall size of the foreign-born population since January 2021.”


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