Laura Loomer Confronts Fani Willis at Miami Party


Laura Loomer confronted Fani Willis on Friday night at the National Association of Black County Officials (NABCO) in Miami, Florida.

Fani was attending the event with her lover and former lead attorney Nathan Wade.  The two lovebirds are still traveling together on business/pleasure trips. It’s not clear who’s paying the bills.

Willis paid Wade over $653,000 between 2022 and 2023 while the two were dating.  Wade was forced to step down from Fani’s case in mid-March against President Trump after the two were caught lying to the court about the timing of their affair.  It’s not clear why Wade was forced to step down but not Fani who also perjured herself in court about when the two started their affair.

Laura Loomer confronted Fani on stage at the NABCO event in Miami:

Laura Loomer:  Fani, why are you trying to persecute Donald Trump?… Why are you trying to persecute Donald Trump?… Why are you weaponizing our justice system to go after President Trump, Fani?… Fani why are you weaponizing our justice system against Donald Trump?…

The venue had several women walking around half naked. It was a classy place.

Laura Loomer: She ran away.

Laura wrote this on X: “Why are there strippers at the event Fani Willis is speaking at? It’s appalling that the Biden supported DEI District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, who is trying to jail President Trump, spoke at an event tonight where strippers were walking around half naked and many people in attendance were smoking weed!”

Here is the video posted by Laura Loomer.



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