President Trump: “…In My Second Term, Which Is Sort Of Happening Now…”


What in the world does this mean?

I have now updated this article almost 10 times since originally posting it.

This article is a compilation of all the little hints (big hints, really) that President Trump keeps dropping in his speeches.

I thought I would just post it once and that would be it, but there is a new once almost every single day.

At some point I don’t know how you can’t see it….

How you can’t connect the dots…

It’s starting to become almost impossible to ignore.

Trump is telling us!

At least that’s what I think.

And so does Derek Johnson who has been doing an excellent job of covering this story.

Watch this latest clip right here which is just stunning:


“And in my second term… which is sort of happening now, but I don’t want the results, right? I don’t want the results of this second term. This second term is a disaster for this Country.”

War is ugly. And we’re in it. We’ve been in it. It’s declared in 50 US Code §1550. Has not been terminated.

The Federal Continuity Directives, 2017 National Security Strategy, and the other issues under the FCDs address disasters. They’re for: before, during, and after a catastrophic event.

This is an EPIC Comm. And still separates him as CIC versus President. They’re separate.

Thank you 2016 Supreme Court for the Military Justice Act of 2016, written in May, for clarifying they’re separate, passed in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (Defense Budget for ALL Armed Forces) on December 23, 2016. Merry Christmas radicals 🤭

Boy, did that backfire for the swamp.🔥

It’s right in front of ya.

I’m sorry folks but what does that even mean if you don’t accept it at face value?

Here was the last one from just a couple days ago…

Start piecing these all together and it’s an almost impossible message to ignore:

President Trump: “…In Less Than 5 Months, We’re Going To Defeat Biden…”


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