President Trump: “…In Less Than 5 Months, We’re Going To Defeat Biden…”


This is now probably the 7th or 8th time I’ve updated this article.

The common thread in this article is “hidden in plain sight”….all the things Trump keeps telling us in speeches.

Small little bits here and there.

Just misspeaking?

Just a mistake?

Once or twice, ok I can see that.

But President Trump is SHARP…

He still has a Razor Sharp intellect, and at some point you have to ask yourself if these are all just goofs — or if he’s trying to let us know something.

You decide, but here’s the latest from South Carolina today:

5 months huh?

Let’s see….today is September 25, 2023.

Five months takes us to February 2024.

Does he perhaps mean when Primary Season is over and he goes on to take on Joe Biden?

Or is he telegraphing to us as clearly as he can that there is going to be some form of an intervention before the 2024 election?

Look, I just report — I’ll let you decide.

But read the FULL article below before you do.

And ask yourself if all of these are just misspeaks?

President Trump On Timing: “I don’t know that it takes another year, you wanna know the truth”

We all keep asking the same question….

If we’re watching a movie, when is this thing going to end?

And can the end please come soon?

Well, you just got a hat tip from President Trump that it might be over sooner than you think!

Watch this!

It’s not just a slip of the tongue either.

He keeps saying this every where he goes!

He said something almost identical just a couple days ago!

Check this out:

President Trump: “We’re Going To Take Back The White House…Sooner Than You Think!”

Last week I brought you a post highlighting all of the things President Trump has said over the years that appear to have been “hidden in plain sight”.

I liken it to the end of the movie The Sixth Sense, where you saw it the entire movie but didn’t really “see it” until the reveal at the end.

It was all hidden right in plain sight — and you missed it.

We ALL missed it!

That’s what made that movie so legendary.

Are we currently watching a movie that’s going to put that one to shame?

I think so.

I didn’t think so at first, but eventually you see too much to ignore.

That’s where I’m at now.

And here’s the latest installment.

The latest little quote from President Trump that seems innocuous at first but when you start looking for these things they jump out to you like a sore thumb!


“Sooner than you think”

Trump: “We’re gonna take back the Senate, take back the House, we’re gonna take back the White House – and sooner than you think. It’s going to be really something special…”

Just a slip of the tongue?

Reading too much into it?



But now stack that on all the others….

Keep reading and tell me below in the Comments how much is too much to continue to ignore it?

Trump has been telling us all along?

UPDATE: More EVIDENCE Hidden In Plain Sight — Trump Has Been Telling Us All Along!


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