CONGRESSMAN: “I Nominate Donald J. Trump for Speaker of the House”


Yes, folks this is real.

Real in the sense it comes from a real sitting member of Congress, Mr. Troy E. Nehls.

Bravo sir!

It’s not a formal motion, but you gotta love this guy getting this out on Twitter just hours after McCarthy got thrown out on his butt!

From his Twitter bio, Troy is a congressman from TX-22, a Member of the FreedomCaucus and proudly serving on the Judiciary and Transport GOP committees.

Here’s what he just posted to X:


So, is that just a funny Tweet?

Just a nonsense post?

I don’t think so.

I posted this just a few hours ago:

Donald Trump — Speaker Of The House?

All the drama today is about Kevin McCarthy, but I want to shift away from him for a minute and talk about what happens if he is vacated as Speaker of the House.

Does this pave way for the absolutely wild theory we told you about last year?

We’ve reported on this before, and it looked dead in the water with McCarthy appointed Speaker, but is it suddenly back in play?

Oh my!

Look, I’m not saying this is GOING to happen, or even LIKELY to happen, but it IS POSSIBLE to happen!

And it’s suddenly back on the table!

And it lines up perfectly with what Trump just told us last week — remember this?

President Trump: “…In Less Than 5 Months, We’re Going To Defeat Biden…”

Ok, so here’s how the plan/theory goes…

About 2 years ago, we first started telling you about the plan to bring back Trump before 2024.

I’ll copy the FULL story down below so you can see what we’ve been telling you longer than anyone else…

But here’s the short summary.

You don’t have to be a Member of Congress to be appointed as Speaker of the House.

It’s true, look it up.

From the almighty ChatGPT:

So, the theory that we published here was that President Trump could be appointed Speaker of the House, then Biden and Harris removed…and then who steps right into the Presidency?


When I first posted the theory, people scoffed.

No one would ever vote for Trump, won’t happen they said!

Others said even if that happened, there would be no way to get rid of Biden and Harris.

But now?

Don’t forget folks….we still have a little thing called the Brunson Brothers case (Brunson v. Adams) which could remove 383 Members of Congress plus Biden and Harris in an instant!

That is STILL pending in the Supreme Court and is not finished yet.

In fact, it seems as though the SCOTUS is just waiting for the exact right time to hear it.

Things that make you go “hmmmmmm”….

And as to Trump getting votes?

Well, he’s already got one.

Take a look:

I am truly becoming such a huge Matt Gaetz fan!

“Fan” isn’t the right word.

The man is earning my strong admiration.

President Trump once famously said “I’d love to lose everything for a period.”

Why…he was asked.

The answer: “Because then I’d really know who my true friends (and allies) were.”

Well sir, you’re learning right now and Matt Gaetz is confirming he’s a true friend and ally, and a man who truly understands what the MAGA Movement means.

He was last year, and he’s proving today he still is.

One of the few left!

So sad to see Jim Jordan, Byron Donalds and MTG all siding with McCarthy today.

Mr. President, keep Matt Gaetz close by your side.

People are loving it:

And now I have to ask the question…

Is the plan we first told you about two years ago actually playing out before our very eyes?

The “movie” hasn’t been so good up to this point, but I have a feeling you’re going to LOVE how this thing ends.


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