UPDATE: More EVIDENCE Hidden In Plain Sight — Trump Has Been Telling Us All Along!


This is now the THIRD TIME I’ve updated this article.

More information just keeps coming in…

I’ll mark the updated information below so you can see it.

Or just read the whole thing in full again, there is SO MUCH to soak in!

So in my original article, I argued that perhaps President Trump has been telling us the truth all along and we just haven’t noticed it.

The truth about what?

Well, the truth about the Military Operation being conducted by the White Hats — or however you want to phrase it.

But assuming there is a team of “Good Guys” working to save this Country, would we see any evidence of it?

We certainly see evidence of the horror Joe Biden has brought on this Country…but is there evidence that the White Hats are also running their playbook?

I think there is.

“Central Casting”

“He’s Shot!”

“I Caught Them All!”

I’ll copy my original article below so you can see all of that in case you missed it — there’s a lot in there!

But first I want to show you a bunch of new stuff.

I’ll just put it out here and let you decide after you read everything.

Huge credit to my friend Joe Rambo (@Brainstorm_Joe on X) for putting together this incredible thread.

Ok, we start here and please read and watch everything first because it all fits together.  One particular video may not mean a ton on its own, but you put them all together and eventually it tells a pretty compelling story:

How is Trump so confident in telling Karri that something good is going to happen.

Something much bigger….?

Because they caught them all. Including the 2022 midterm thefts.

Space force had an aircraft up for 908 days.

It’s called X-37B.

It took off shortly before the 2020 election and landed just after the 2022 election.


Or do they have it all?

Was the military the only way?

Read the rest of this thread.

What we are watching is awesome.

What an amazing time to be alive.

Then we go here:

From this point forward.

We will not announce when we will attack.

But attack we will.

This is a wartime president who was attacked personally from every angle.

As our country was also attacked.

Watch the clips in this thread.

I believe it makes he reference to the “pause” impossible to deny.

Patriots are in control.

I believe the MSM was well aware Trump was telling the truth in these moments.

The summer of love and the media attacks ramped up like crazy leading into 2020 for exactly that reason.

But Trump put safeguards in place.

He signed EO’s.

He placed certain people like Ezra and Miller in positions.

He promised to give the government back to the people on day 1.

The “pause” is part of keeping that promise.

The military was the only way.

It had to be this way to minimize loss of life.

To ensure public safety. NCSWIC.

Here he is again.

Hinting at what is really happening.

You have to love that style.

He drops truth BOMBS right in the middle of speeches.

Then moves right along as if he didn’t just tell you exactly what is going on.

It’s right in our faces.

He caught em all.

I know it’s hard to see the forest through the trees.

But it’s true.

Patriots are in control.

11/08/19 Trump was already telling you they spent millions of dollars investigating and trying to find corruption. Wanna know why Joe Biden is a different guy? Why he doesn’t know he is alive? Why he is shot? The answer is right here. Joe Biden is a crook. If you think no one did anything about it.. I suggest reading the rest of this thread.

Full clip:

Then he explains “the pause”…

This is one of the most compelling clips to me.

Have you seen this?

He’s telling you point blank.

Let it simmer for a while and let people see what Radical Left Democrats will do to our country!

It was all planned and had to go this way?

Sure sounds like it:

More proof that Patriots are in control.

Remember that this is an information war.

Nothing is as it seems.

Connect the dots.

Trump re-truthed this post of himself telling us that he could go right in and fix it fast.

But rather they chose to let it simmer for a while.

“Let them see what radical left Democrats will do to our country”

And to boot, the post is overplayed with a literal Q drop. 4461 to be specific.

Sometimes you can’t tell the public the truth.


It had to be this way.

This is not another 4-year election.


Q Can you see it yet?

He called it the “pause”

They have it all.

Still think he did nothing about it?

Let’s see what happens.

This next one builds on the exact same topic.

He confirms it again:  it was a planned “pause”.

It had to be this way:

Translation: I Donald Trump have made moves and signed orders so that we can put the government on pause.

During this period, we will run a multi layered psyop for multiple reasons.

Our country was infiltrated. Our citizens were divided and lulled into slavery.

To correct these issues, we have written a story and produced a show/cover story.

The show will allow the American people to see what we were up against and, in turn, weoponizing the people… all while saving the kids, revamping the financial system, and derooting corruption of every form globally.

We are 100% reaching the precipice.

It is time. It had to be this way.

And it’s glorious. What a time to be alive.

He told us so many times.

We just couldn’t comprehend how yuge the operation was and therefore what the timeline would be.

I can’t wait to make the documentary. I want to name it “Hind sight is 2020”

Vindicating and celebrating all of the anons that picked up on the truth even prior to the fake 2020 election. “The Pause”

In the face of adversity anons and patriots heald the line.

You can feel the excitement in the air.

As Trump is calling g it. “2024 is our final battle”

NCSWIC. Nothing.


Who remembers when the National Guard took an oath to act as US Marshals for 1 year right before “Joe Biden’s” inauguration?

What are the duties of a US Marshal?

The duties of the U.S. Marshals Service include protecting the federal judiciary, apprehending federal fugitives, managing and selling seized assets acquired by criminals through illegal activities, housing and transporting federal prisoners and operating the Witness Security Program.

The inauguration was provably false. The wreath ceremony and the 21 gun salute were provably false.

Trump told us “I don’t think it’s him”

“I caught em. I caught em all. Now let’s see what happens.”

“The pause is a beautiful thing. If there is such a thing. And it’s a beautiful thing.”

Are y’all starting to put it together yet?

Drip. Drip. Drip. Flood.

Sometimes you can’t tell. You must show.

“It will be much easier to do what must be done. Bc everyone will agree with us.”

Y’all ready for the good part? Because here it comes…

So there you go.


Hidden in plain sight?

He’s been telling us very clearly!

Want more?

Trump Has Been Telling Us All Along?

I’m just throwing this out there and you can make of it what you will…

You could chalk it all up to just common phrases used over and over with no bigger meaning or purpose behind them.

But I’m starting to wonder if perhaps they do have meaning.

I’m starting to wonder if we truly are going to see and end to this “movie” play out soon, and I’m wondering if when we look back in hindsight if it will be a “Sixth Sense” moment.

You remember that movie?

(30 year old) SPOILER ALERT: In one of the most legendary twists to end a movie of all time, you find out at the end that Bruce Willis has been dead the whole time.

You immediately ask yourself, “But….how can that be?”

We saw him talking to people throughout the movie, did they know he was dead?

But then the flashbacks start and you quickly realize you didn’t really see what you thought you saw.

It was all hidden in plain view, but you missed it.

The entire audience missed it for the whole movie.

But when you look back, it’s obvious.

And I wonder if that’s how this “movie” is going to end.

Will we look back and see that Trump was telling us BIG clues all along?

Will we look back and see it was all hidden in plain sight?

I’ll let you judge for yourself, let’s start here:

He’s shot!

Just a phrase?

He sure does seem to repeat it a LOT.

What do you think?

But that’s not the only example…

Now let’s go to “Central Casting”.

For those who don’t know, Central Casting is a real company that specializes in providing actors and background actors for movies.

Gee, isn’t that interesting?

Again, it could just be a phrase, but he sure does seem to say it a LOT!

Take a look:

Backup here on Rumble:

Literally “Central Casting”?

Then I have one more…

I’m not sure why this doesn’t get more attention.

Here he is point blank telling us “I caught them all”.

I’m not sure how else to interpret that other than at face value.

Which leads to the question I know you’re probably asking at this point….

Ok, if this IS a movie being allowed to play out and if President Trump DID catch them all, then what is he waiting for?

Why is this taking so long?

Well, I have a theory about that and I’ll explain it to you right here:

President Trump Just Confirmed It: “He Already Has All The Evidence!”

Here’s Why Trump Has Waited SO LONG To Play The Trump Card…


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