Tucker: “In 2008 it became really clear that Barack Obama had been HAVING SEX WITH MEN and smoking crack.”


Even for Tucker, this one is STRAIGHT FIRE!

Tucker went on Adam Carolla’s show and it was a great chat.

These guys clearly go back and it was like listening to two old buddies just catching up….except we all got to listen in.

Tucker is always very open and forthcoming, but wow did he drop some bombs in this one.

The biggest is that, according to Tucker, everyone in D.C. knew all about Barack Obama (and I quote) “having sex with men and smoking crack” back in 2008.

Worst kept “secret” in all of D.C., Tucker says.

So if the Media’s job is to cover the news, why didn’t anyone report it?

Easy, Tucker says: because they were told they would be immediately cut off from the Obama campaign and the Obama Presidency.

It effectively killed the story, despite everyone knowing the truth, Tucker says.


Probably won’t surprise you, but the MSM is absolutely worthless!

Literally worthless.

Watch the clip here:

And here:

When asked by Carolla whether he knew the story to be true or just suspected it was true, Tucker doubled down and said he had zero doubts.

He then referenced Larry Sinclair and how he talked with him and believed his story 100%.

From Dinesh, here is a video on Larry Sinclair, giving the “real story” behind Obama’s secret life.

Tucker and Dinesh seem to believe Sinclair.

Watch for yourself (WARNING: graphic):

And here is the full Tucker interview on The Adam Carolla Show:=.


Since we’re talking about Barack liking dudes, I suppose this is relevant right now:

Is This What REALLY Happened To Joan Rivers Right Before She “Died”?

Welcome to another edition of “I saved this video before Facebook, YouTube and Twitter could delete it forever!”

That’s right.

They want this absolutely wiped off the internet, but I saved it.

And it’s now safe on Rumble where it can’t be taken down.

Do you remember what Joan Rivers said right before she suddenly dropped dead?

What she said about OBAMA?

I do.

Take a look:

This is one of the most BANNED videos of all time! I’m just placing it here for safe keeping.

— President-Elect BeachMilk BeachMilk Tuesday, October 20, 2020

And backed up to Rumble:

And then she dropped dead days later?

When she was perfectly healthy?

But look folks, she isn’t the only one who thought this.

It’s actually pretty common knowledge.

Take a look:

In other words:


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