FACT-CHECK: Did Trump Say “There won’t be a transfer, frankly, there’ll be a continuation…”


I’ve seen an edited clip of President Trump circulating from 2020 and it’s creating a deceptive quote he never said.

So let’s clear it up!

They want so badly to push the “Trump is a Dictator” narrative that they’re now deceptively editing clips to make it look like President Trump said something he didn’t say.

Here’s the edited clip that is going viral on Twitter right now:

Big thanks to my friend MJ Truth for giving us the original, unedited version, where President Trump clearly says something very different.

He says if you get rid of the phony and fraudulent Mail In Ballots, then there won’t be a transfer, there will be a continuation.

Watch here:

I’m seeing deceptive edited portions of this Trump Clip all over on social media.

When Trump is asked if there will be a Peaceful Transition of Power in the 2020 election, Trump says “there won’t be a transfer, there will be a continuation…”

This video is the full clip… context is important.

When Trump is asked if there will be a peaceful transfer of power, Trump clearly states if you get rid of the mail-in ballots there won’t be a peaceful Transfer of Power, because there will be a continuation… in other words, if they can’t cheat, I will continue on being president.

The other clip floating around is deceptive and untrue.

I do certainly believe there’s more to Trump “leaving office” and his EO’s and directives insinuate somethings going on, but we shouldn’t use deceptive videos to prove that point.

I agree with MJ Truth that although I do believe there is much more going on behind the scenes potentially related to Commander In Chief and Executive Order 13823, I don’t agree with deceptively editing clips.

We don’t play that game here.

Want the REAL sauce?

Then keep reading, because there’s so much REAL news out there, you don’t need to deceptively edit things!

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