Tulsi Gabbard Reportedly Keynote Speaker For Fundraiser Hosted At Mar-a-Lago, VP Rumors Circulate


Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democrat Congresswoman and presidential candidate, reportedly will headline a fundraiser hosted at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.

The Hill reports:

According to an invitation shared exclusively with The Hill, Gabbard is set to be the keynote speaker at the 917 Society’s annual fundraiser on March 7 for a night in Palm Beach “celebrating the Constitution.”

The event comes after Trump, the current front-runner for the Republican nomination, acknowledged Gabbard is under consideration to be his vice presidential choice among several other contenders.

Dinner for the event costs $1,250, according to the invite.

Gabbard retired from Congress in 2021 after representing the Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District. She spent much of her time in office as part of the progressive coalition, pushing further to the left than many of her liberal counterparts in the House.

Closer to the end of her career on Capitol Hill, she inched to the right and has since embraced a harder-line Republican viewpoint on some social issues, while also maintaining a Libertarian anti-interventionist approach to foreign policy.

She formally denounced the Democratic Party in 2022 by criticizing it as “elitist” and filled with “warmongers.”

Did Donald Trump reveal his short-list of vice presidential candidates at his town hall earlier this week with Laura Ingraham, which included Tulsi Gabbard?

Ehhh, not really.

“Donald Trump Gives His Short List of VP Candidates” — We FACT-CHECK It And Here’s The Truth

Here’s the viral clip:

From 100 Percent Fed Up:

In the clip, Ingraham says the audience was asked for names and then she gives him the audience’s names.

Big difference!

Ingraham does ask: “Are they all on your short list?” to which Trump responds: “They are.”

Ok, so if you are experienced in reading between the lines, you notice a few things right away….

First, he doesn’t say this is the EXCLUSIVE list.

I have a feeling it will likely be someone NOT mentioned by Ingraham.


Because second point….Trump LOVES to keep everyone guessing!

Of course he will say those people are on his short list because of course he is evaluating them.

But are they real contenders?


But I bet you anything there are others.

And it may be someone you least expect!

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the possibility of Tulsi Gabbard being Trump’s running mate, with diverse opinions.

DC Draino voiced his opposition to the idea.

“Just wanted to go on record that I am completely against Tulsi Gabbard being Trump’s VP We don’t need a Hawaiian Democrat in charge of the country (and Republican party) if something were to happen to President Trump Insane that she is even being discussed,” he said.

Roger Stone said Gabbard would make an “intriguing choice” for Trump’s running mate.


Tulsi Gabbard said on Fox News that she hasn’t had conversations with Donald Trump about being his vice president.

Gabbard said she would be “honored to be asked to serve in that capacity” and would “look forward” to debating Kamala Harris again.


From The Guardian:

Gabbard endorsed independent senator Sanders’ run against Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. But in November that year, Gabbard held a surprise meeting with Trump at Trump Tower in New York following his election victory.

She briefly ran herself in the 2020 election, when her foreign policy views came under scrutiny. In a primary debate, Gabbard was criticised by then candidate Kamala Harris for not calling the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, a “war criminal”. Gabbard had secretly visited Syria in 2017 and met Assad on what she called a “fact-finding mission”; she expressed scepticism about the atrocities carried out under Assad’s leadership.

She eventually dropped out of the 2020 race and backed the eventual winner, Joe Biden. “I’ve known Joe Biden for a long time,” she told CPAC, drawing a contrast with Trump. “I used to consider him a friend. Do you think he could handle this pressure?” The audience laughed.

She continued: “I don’t think so. I think even a fraction of this pressure and stress and attacks that Trump has endured would cause him to crumble.”

Gabbard went on to lavish praise on the former president, which was well received in the room. “I’ve had the chance to meet with him and speak with him at length, and I’ve seen firsthand his heartfelt interactions with friends of mine, veterans, and I’ve seen how he has touched their hearts and moved them to tears as he expressed his appreciation for their service and their sacrifice. No cameras, no crowds. Just that heartfelt conveyance of appreciation.”

She added: “I’ve gotten a sense for what motivates him and it’s got nothing to do with what the Washington establishment is accusing him of. This is a man who’s a fighter, his strength and resilience can only come from one place. His ability to endure this much can only come from one place, a sincere love and concern for the future of our country and his care for the American people.”


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