A Counter-Attack On The U.S. Imminent?


I hope this does not happen, but I am reporting it because that’s my duty.

I am hearing a lot of chatter about an attack on the U.S. being imminent.

Pray against it, but it would make sense.

We have never been weaker or more distracted as a nation.

I want you to watch this from my friend Christopher Greene who has a track record for being accurate on these types of reports.

It’s short, only 5 minutes:

And in case you think he’s off the mark, it’s not just him.

Here is President Trump himself:

Here we go… 👀
Trump Statement – Are they Planning an Attack Within Our Country?

“The same people that raided Israel are pouring into our once beautiful USA through our totally open southern border at record numbers.

These are the same people, many of them, that did a number in Israel, a sneak attack. Same people we have pouring into our country by the thousands.

Are they planning to attack within our country?

Crooked Joe Biden and his boss,
Barack Hussein Obama, did this to us.

We cannot let this happen. They may be planning something very, very bad.

Don’t forget, I’m not making this as a prediction, but there’s a phrase out there…

“Trump was right about everything.”

We have to be very careful. I don’t want to be right about this, but people are pouring in from the Middle East into our country,
largely males, strong young males.

What’s going on over here?

Are we going to be raided like Israel was raided?”


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