A Plea Deal Is Firmly Out Of The Question, Trump Says: ‘That’s A Wise Guy Question’


Former President Trump made it perfectly clear that he has no intention of accepting a plea deal on any of the three indictments he is currently facing.

“Is there any chance that you take a plea deal?” a reporter asked the former president after he left the Iowa State Fair. “In Georgia?” the reporter added.

Trump has not yet been indicted in Georgia, though Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is reportedly set to bring RICO charges against Trump and a number of his associates. RICO charges are generally used to take down criminal organizations and are most widely known for crippling the Italian mafia.

“There won’t be plea deals, we did nothing wrong,” Trump asserted. “We don’t ever take a plea deal, we don’t take plea deals. It’s a wise guy question.”

“We don’t take plea deals because I did nothing wrong. It’s called election interference,” Trump added, drawing applause from an assembled crowd.

Former President Trump is currently facing hundreds of years in federal prison over charges stemming from two separate investigations.

Special Counsel Jack Smith first brought dozens of felony charges against the former president due to his alleged handling of classified documents. Though President Biden was found to be in possession of numerous troves of documents in unsecured office buildings and his Delaware garage, he has yet to face any charges. Nor has former Vice President Mike Pence, who was also in possession of classified documents.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to the more than 40 charges levied against him in the documents case.

Most recently, Smith again indicted Trump in connection with his objections to the 2020 election. The former president has also pleaded not guilty in that case, asserting that his questions about the 2020 election were completely above board.

As the former president faces what amounts to multiple life sentences — with more charges reportedly on the way — critics have compared the charges to political systems in historically authoritarian countries. Russia recently jailed its main opposition leader for 19 years while the populist prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, was sentenced to three years behind bars.

Trump faces north of 600 years in prison already.


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