ALIENS CONFIRMED: Military Whistleblower Says U.S. Has Recovered Several Alien Crafts


I’ve been telling you for a LONG time that the final card to be played is the Alien card.

No, I’m not saying Aliens are real.

Oh yes, I do believe something is happening and I’ll explain to you what I think that is (from a sound Biblical perspective) down below, but I don’t think they are “aliens”.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t play the card.

They’ll play it and it will fool most people.

Fool and terrify.

And I think we’re close.

Watch this short clip:

Longer clip here:

Here’s a lot more:

From Grusch, quote:

-The US has obtained crash wreckage from non-human UFOs which it has kept secret for decades, according to a new Pentagon whistleblower deeply involved in the probe.

-David Charles Grusch – a former intelligence officer with top-secret clearance

– even filed a legal complaint against the US Department of Defense DoD as he alleged a cover-up.

-The Pentagon is investigating UFO sightings – but have they captured crashed craft. He stated in no uncertain terms that the US has in its possession fully intact and pieces of craft which have non-human origin.

-The veteran intelligence officer, who served in Afghanistan, claimed that the US has been collecting and attempting to reverse engineer this material for decades.

-The existence of retrieval and study of exotic materials, dating back to the early 20th century, should no longer remain a secret.

-It comes as UFOs have become a major national security issue and political hot topic in Washington

– with even Nasa holding a briefing on the once-fringe subject last week.

-Defense chiefs have admitted there are things in the sky they cannot fully explain as former military personnel has come forward with their own experiences.

Here’s more, from the man who interviewed Grusch:

If you think that’s all a little “too far out there” for you, it’s not just me saying it.

And not just this guy either.

Here was Tucker RIGHT before he got fired:

Tucker Carlson: Aliens Are REAL, They’ve Been Here And We Have ALL The Evidence!


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