“All made up by Hillary to keep herself out of jail”: Tom Fitton Says Hillary Used Fake Trump Russia Story To Avoid Jail


Judicial Watch Chairman Tom Fitton went on Stuart Varney’s show on Fox Business and dropped a bombshell about Hillary Clinton. The final John Durham Report ruined what little credibility Clinton had left.

But Tom told Varney there was more to the Trump-Russia collusion hoax than just a dirty trick by the Clinton campaign. He says the story was invented by Hillary Clinton to keep herself out of jail.

Tom Fitton: The Obama administration had good reason to know that the leads they were supposedly chasing about the Russia Collusion were all made up by Hillary to keep herself out of jail.

Stuart Varney: Was it an obvious hoax right from the start? Wasn’t it an obvious hoax right from the start?

Tom Fitton: It was. And the Durham report reconfirms it.

Because we knew this already, that no matter where they looked, they couldn’t find Russia collusion.

And they had been spying in the early part of 2016.

They couldn’t find anything.

The Steele Dossiers were coming in.

They couldn’t verify anything in the Steel Dossiers.

But they never stopped targeting Trump, which shows that it was always about politics and never about national security.

And we had this election intervention like we’ve never seen before. Richard Nixon must be shaking his head, thinking, they moved me out of the White House for much less.


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