And Just Like That… Out of the Blue, Trump Weighs in on Bill Maher’s Show and SCORCHES Hillary Clinton


This weekend Donna Brazile, the DNC Chair who famously leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and was later fired, went on with Bill Maher on HBO.

During her appearance on Real Time, Brazile took a swipe at Vivek Ramaswamy, saying he should ‘go home.’

Bill Maher and Brazile also attacked Dementia Joe.

Then, like a surprise ending to a boring movie, President Trump jumped in and scorched Bill Maher, Donna Brazile, AND Hillary Clinton.
How glorious!

President Trump: Ratings challenged Bill Maher who failed miserably on his short lived attempt with CNN, had to start talking TRUTH because his credibility was being seriously eroded—the problem is he brought on Donna Brazil, a person fired from CNN for giving the debate questions to the very Beautiful Hillary Clinton!


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