“ANSWER MY QUESTION”; Ted Cruz Explodes After Mayorkas Can’t Say How Many Murderers Have Crossed Border


On Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz launched a scathing attack on Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, accusing him of lacking integrity and failing to do his job.

Cruz’s comments were particularly focused on the crisis at the border, with Cruz even claiming that Mayorkas was allowing children to be raped.

Cruz blasted Mayorkas, “If you had integrity, you would resign. You’re willing to let children be raped. This is a crisis. It’s a disgrace.”

“What the Senator said was revolting. I’m not going to address it,” Mayorkas replied.

“Your refusal to do your job is revolting,” Cruz responded.


Cruz continued to press Mayorkas, asking how many murderers had been released into the US, to which Mayorkas replied that he was not aware of any such cases.

“How many murderers have you released into America?”

“I’m not aware of any murderers,” Mayorkas replied.

“So, you don’t know,” Cruz said.

In 2014, Mayorkas was confirmed as the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security under the Obama administration, and he served in that position until 2016. He was nominated by President Joe Biden to serve as Secretary of Homeland Security in 2021 and was confirmed by the Senate in February of that year. As Secretary, Mayorkas oversees a wide range of activities related to national security, including border security, cybersecurity, and disaster response.



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