“Be A Man”: Bannon Calls On Kevin McCarthy


On Thursday, Steve Bannon, the former White House Chief Strategist, unleashed a fiery tirade against Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, urging him to take decisive action against the Biden administration.

Bannon’s plea came in response to remarks made by Florida Representative Matt Gaetz on the House floor, where Gaetz criticized the current leadership and hinted at a potential motion to vacate the chair.

On Tuesday, Gaetz referenced the contest for House Speaker in January, stating, “Mr. Speaker, you are out of compliance with the agreement that allowed you to assume this role.” He went on to criticize McCarthy for not holding votes on term limits or balanced budgets and for not releasing the January 6th tapes in full.

Bannon, not one to mince words, began by referencing a GOP meeting this morning in which McCarthy was expected to discuss ongoing investigations. Instead, Bannon accused McCarthy of distracting the public with “shiny toys” and failing to address the pressing issues at hand.

He said, “McCarthy exploded this morning because he sees that even the investigation is not getting him off the hook for what he did to work with Biden and the Uniparty.”

Bannon’s criticism didn’t stop there. He lambasted McCarthy for not taking a more aggressive stance against the Biden administration, especially concerning the national debt and the border crisis. He also took aim at the media, expressing frustration with outlets like Fox News and accusing them of not holding leaders accountable.

Bannon’s main contention revolved around the financial state of the country. He emphasized the need to “force this regime to the table and break them right now” by cutting off their access to the Federal Reserve’s printing press. Bannon argued that the current economic situation is unsustainable and that the Biden administration’s policies are causing harm to both domestic and international allies.

He also touched upon the global implications of the Biden administration’s actions, particularly in relation to China. Bannon accused McCarthy of accepting funds from Sequoia Capital, a venture capital firm, and alleged that such financial ties have led to the U.S. being “sold out” to the Chinese Communist Party.

Bannon’s impassioned plea culminated in a call to action for the Republican Party. He urged leaders to step up, take charge, and confront the challenges facing the nation head-on. Referencing Gaetz’s comments, Bannon said, “Kevin McCarthy is a sad, empathetic man,” suggesting that the current leadership is not up to the task.

The segment ended with Bannon emphasizing the importance of the upcoming budget decisions and the need to address the country’s financial situation immediately.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy held a sudden press conference Tuesday morning where he announced the beginning of impeachment proceedings against Biden. It was a strategic shift that aligned the Republican leader with conservatives in his caucus eager to retaliate against Biden following years of probing his purported corruption.

Bannon, like Gaetz and other Republicans, underscored a deep division within the Republican Party.


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