Biden Camp Panics, Demands Social Media Censor ‘Out of Context’


A spokeswoman for President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign struggled to defend the 81-year-old one day after video of his time at the G7 summit had viewers once again questioning his fragile sanity.

Dubbing the clip “right-wing misinformation,” Adrienne Elrod sat for a friendly appearance on MSNBC where she was given the opportunity to rebut allegations that President Biden had another senior moment while watching a skydiver land in front of a rapt crowd. The president was seen turning away from the action and shuffling in the opposite direction before someone grabbed his arm and encouraged him to look over at the aerial stuntman.

“Disinformation is alive and well. We have to use surrogates and voices across the country to combat this and make it clear that not only do we not play this game… but President Biden was out there at the G7, saluting our troops, doing what he does as President of the United States,” Elrod exclaimed. “Look, we’re going to see more of this, I mean this is just the reality of campaigning in 2024. So we have to combat that disinformation, we have to hit it hard when it happens, and we have to make clear that these are dirty tactics that MAGA Republicans are using because they can’t run on the issues.”

For the liberal network to be asking a Biden spokeswoman about the viral clip meant it hit a nerve on the left. Media commentators like former Obama aide David Axelrod and Clinton advisor James Carville frequently reprimand the president’s campaign for failing to rebut allegations that he is too old to handle a second four-year term in office. In one of the most infamous rebuttals, Vice President Kamala Harris was trotted out to declare that President Biden is “very much alive” and that Democrats would not be replacing him on the party’s ticket.

“They have to use dirty tactics like this because they are not right with Americans on the issues,” Elrod continued, apparently ignoring polling. “We’re going to see more of this. We’re going to do what we can to combat it, but it does take the voices of surrogates across the country. It does take the media to call it out. It does take social media platforms where a lot of Americans are getting their information to point it out as well.”

Judging by Elrod’s suggestion that social media companies should fact-check unaltered clips of Biden’s various wanderings, the White House appears to have not gotten the message from a judge’s ruling that pressuring social media companies to remove posts during the pandemic was a violation of the First Amendment. Nor does it suggest that the president’s advisors are entirely comfortable with letting their boss out in public for long; just one day before the incident, he arrived for a ceremony in London where he appeared to keel over and was abruptly led away early by his wife, leaving the president of France bewildered. Another clip in the same week showed Biden staring frozen vacantly during a raucous musical performance to celebrate Juneteenth. His approval ratings have hit an all-time low.


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