Biden Claims Republicans In Congress Are the Ones Who Want to ‘Defund the Police’


President Joe Biden is back to blaming Republicans for something his party is doing.

This week, Biden accused congressional Republicans of pushing for law enforcement to be defunded despite almost all of the GOP supporting back the blue.

While speaking with survivors of a mass shooting in Monterey Park, California, Biden tried to position himself as a president who is hard on crime ahead of the 2024 election.

“Congressional Republicans should pass my budget instead of calling for cuts in these [mental health] services or defunding the police or abolishing the FBI, as we hear from our MAGA Republican friends,” Biden said, unveiling stricter gun laws that would further help abolish the Second Amendment.

Although some Republicans have called for cuts to the FBI in response to misconduct and political bias, such as cases related to pro-life advocates and Hunter Biden’s laptop story, calls for defunding the police have come primarily from Democrats ever since the George Floyd 2020 riots.

That same year Vice President Kamala Harris praised then-L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti for planning to cut $150 million from the city’s police department.

“Right now, what we’re seeing in America is many cities spend over one-third of their entire city budget on policing, but meanwhile, we’ve been defunding public schools for years in America,” Harris said.

In addition, Biden indicated that he would “absolutely” steer funds away from police departments when asked in an interview in July 2020.

Following Biden’s absurd comments, a spokesman for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) called out Biden for attempting to “distract from his unserious budget.”

“The Democrat Party is the well-established party of the destructive Defund the Police movement and soft-on-crime policies that are making cities across America less safe,” the McCarthy spokesman said. “After all, Vice President Harris supported bailing out rioters during the summer of 2020, and 173 House Democrats voted to protect D.C.’s radical crime bill, which Biden himself will reverse when he signs a bill written and championed by House Republicans.”


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