Biden Creeps on Children in the Rose Garden: “All the Kids Under the Age of 15 Come on Up Here” (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Thursday delivered remarks celebrating his so-called conservation actions.

Biden’s handlers trotted him out for a few minutes in the Rose Garden on Thursday.

This is Biden’s only public event for the entire day.

Biden boasted about “the largest investments in climate and environmental justice and conservation ever, anywhere, period.”

At one point Joe Biden turned his attention to the “lovely young ladies” in the crowd.

“Looking at the guys up front here, having to put on ties when you’re on a school day, that’s a hard thing to do. And all you lovely young ladies, you’re not hot, are you?” Biden said.



After mumbling through his speech, Biden invited all the children to join him.

Of course he did.

“All the kids under the age of 15, come on up here,” Biden said scanning the crowd.



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