Biden Gets Terrible News in Major Update To Biden Family Corruption Investigation: ‘It’s Getting Very Close to Joe Biden’ Says Key Republican


After high-pitched drama over the Treasury Department releasing the Biden family’s flagged bank records on their overseas business to the Republican-controlled House Oversight and Accountability Committee, the same committee has had some time to examine said records. In an interview with Just The News, the chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, James Comer (R-KY) proclaimed that “It’s [the investigation] getting very close to Joe Biden” and noted they uncovered evidence that some of the funds from foreign sources went to Biden’s benefit.

As noted by Just The News, Mr. Comer claimed there was evidence that the Biden family was “receiving or forwarding foreign money” and that some of these foreign sources of cash were China, Russia, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates. The Kentucky Republican explained that “[h]e [Jim Biden, the president’s brother] had a lot of deals in the Middle East. We know about a lot of these deals, because a lot of them are in federal bankruptcy court right now.”

Mr. Comer noted that there was another story here: “I don’t know if any of these business deals ever lasted. I mean, they were all scams and schemes and failures. So why would people continue to send this family massive amounts of money? Because they don’t have any expertise. Were they getting something in return? If so, then Joe Biden would be the primary suspect, because I don’t think that Hunter Biden or Jim Biden, or any of the family members of the Biden family can actually do something on behalf of the government. But Joe Biden could, and that’s why we’re investigating this.”

Mr. Comer claimed that they managed to identify “over a dozen accounts, at least, and maybe many more” from which foreign funds flowed to the family and his committee wants to subpoena records directly from these banks. Comer revealed that “[w]e identified a very new Biden family member that I honestly never would have even suspected would have been a recipient of a big paycheck from an account that was funded through two individuals closely aligned with the Chinese Communist Party. So I think you’re gonna find that there are many Biden family members that were involved in the schemes.”

The Republican lawmaker mused that “[i]t doesn’t make sense for this family to receive these massive amounts of money from our adversaries. They’re not dealing with Canada. They’re not dealing with the Europeans, you know, the normal European Union countries. They’re dealing with countries like Russia and China, and the United Arab Emirates. I mean, it’s bizarre some of the countries that are doing business with the Bidens.”

The chairman also highlighted that they have testimonial evidence that at least some of the money went to the direct benefit of Joe Biden through the payment of his bills and other benefits. There was also evidence that the current President, despite his protestations otherwise, met with some of these foreign players when he was Vice President.

“One of the things that all of our whistleblowers have told us is that they were all — through these LLCs — paying for things for Joe Biden. So that’s very curious, you know. This is getting to the point where it’s getting very close to Joe Biden,” explained Mr. Comer.

The lawmaker further stated “I mean, he’s not going to be able to say that he had no knowledge of his family’s business activities, because a lot of these people that sent this money to the LLCs that then sent it to the Bidens, Joe Biden then met with, especially during the last year of his vice presidency. So, you know, Biden was in on the game. But what we want to know is did he benefit personally from it? We know his family did. But did he benefit personally, and that’s what we’re investigating.”

Mr. Comer rounded off the interview by remarking that if the records match his witness allegations that the money went to Joe Biden then Mr. Biden faces a whole slew of legal and ethical problems.


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