Biden is a Little Too Excited to See Eric Garcetti’s Young Daughter


Joe Biden on Friday landed in New Delhi, India for the G20 Summit. He will first meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Reporters were blocked from attending Biden’s bilateral meeting with Modi.

“This meeting will be taking place at the prime minister’s residence — so it is unusual in that respect,” National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters aboard Air Force One. “This is not your typical bilateral visit to India with meetings taking place in the prime minister’s office.”

Biden has time to visit India, but he still has not visited East Palestine, Ohio several months after a train derailed and left a toxic disaster behind.

Joe Biden greeted former Los Angeles Mayor-turned-Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti and other dignitaries on the tarmac after he landed in India.

Garcetti’s 12-year-old daughter was also on the tarmac and Biden immediately beelined to her.

Biden was a little too excited to see Garcetti’s young daughter.

He didn’t want to let her go!



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