BIDEN: ‘Let’s Go Le… Lick The World, Let’s Get It Done’


Joe Biden proudly told an Irish audience that together they should go out and “lick the world,” in his latest strange gaffe.

Speaking at a banquet held in his honour at Dublin Castle on Thursday, Biden preached to the audience about how there were “no barriers too thick, or too strong, for Ireland and the United States of America” to work together.

“There’s nothing, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, there’s nothing our nations can’t achieve can’t achieve if we do it together, I really mean it,” he continued, before leading into another one of his notorious gaffes.

“So thank you all, God bless you all, let’s go, let’s go le… lick the world, let’s get it done,” Biden exclaimed, closing out his speech to rapturous applause.

Earlier in the speech, Biden went on a rambling story about his mother.

“One of the things that she’d look at me and say, Joey remember, remember who you are like, you’re a Biden, like what the hell is a Biden, you know what I mean?” he said. “I’m like, I’m like a, you know, anyway, and she said, you can do anything.”

Unsurprisingly, Biden was widely mocked for his slip of the tongue, with some conservatives online suggesting he was “the gift that just keeps on giving,” and joking that Biden must clearly have dementia.

Earlier on Thursday, when speaking to the Irish Parliament, Biden claimed that the biggest, most “existential” threat to mankind is “climate change,” not nuclear war, as President Trump suggested this week.

The deep connection has always existed between our people and the land has translated into a commitment to fight the climate crisis to preserve our planet for future generations. The single existential threat to the world is climate change. We don’t have a lot of time. And that’s a fact,” Biden said.

Not everyone in Ireland was thrilled by his visit to the island. Leaders of the unionist community in Northern Ireland, including the former First Minister Arlene Foster, argued that Biden hated the UK, while on Thursday, the Irish president’s dog rebuffed Joe’s attempts to pet him.


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