Biden Sounds like a 4-year-old shuffled as he greet President William Ruto


Joe Biden on Wednesday welcomed President William Ruto of the Republic of Kenya to the White House.

“President Joe Biden welcomed Kenyan President William Ruto to the White House for a three-day state visit and designating the East African nation a major non-NATO ally as it prepares to deploy forces to Haiti as part of U.N.-led effort to address the security crisis in the Caribbean country.” ABC News said.

“Some 1,000 Kenyan police officers are set to arrive soon in Haiti, part of a multilateral security support mission that aims to help quell gang violence. Other countries expected to back up Kenyan forces include the Bahamas, Barbados, Benin, Chad and Bangladesh.” ABC News said.

The Kenyan president arrived at the South Portico of the White House.

Biden sounded like a 4-year-old during a back-and-forth with a reporter as he shuffled out to greet President William Ruto.

“When are you going to Africa, sir?” a reporter asked Biden.

“When you wanna go?” Biden replied.

“When you want to go?” the reporter asked Biden.

“When you wanna go,” Biden said.

“When do I want to go?” the reporter asked Biden.

“We’re heading today — to Africa. I’m joking,” Biden said before he shuffled into the White House.


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