Biden’s America: It’s Easier To Get A Crack Pipe Than Baby Formula, Parents Playing Russian Roulette [VIDEOS]


We are in the midst of a major catastrophe.

Joe Biden has given us all a gift… COVID-19, Afghanistan, inflation, the southern border situation…

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A major issue confronts US residents. Parents are unable to obtain infant formula for their children. For over three months, one of our country’s largest suppliers was shut down. Families travel long distances to obtain formula. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington State called on Joe Biden to find a solution to the crisis.

“In Washington State, moms, support groups, and nurses have been telling me that this is the worst crisis they have ever encountered,” Rep. Rodgers stated. Families are resorting to the internet in desperation as a result of the shortage of baby formula.

It’s quite risky. You imagine moms coming to the supermarket and seeing an empty shelf.

In some circumstances, families have to drive for hours to receive the infant formula they require. They don’t need to be facing empty shelves, either. They shouldn’t have to ration formula to feed their children. And some families rely on a certain recipe. I spoke with one mother who has an allergic child, and she said it’s incredibly difficult. When she walks to the supermarket, she feels like she’s playing Russian roulette.

“President Biden and the FDA must do more,” the Republican added. It’s a life or death situation.

What will it take for the Biden administration to reverse the supply chain inflation and energy crises that are exacerbating the shortage? We require answers and accountability.

Representative Mike Waltz of Florida also addressed the issue. I believe we should pause for a moment to consider the fact that in Joe Biden’s America, it appears that getting a crack pipe in a government-funded (read: taxpayer-funded) smoking kit is easier than finding baby formula.”

After two babies died, Abbott Laboratories was closed in February. A large product recall occurred, prompting an examination by experts. Although the Michigan site was not the source, the factory remains closed.

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