Bill Gates Caught Funding Effort To Normalize Pedophilia Through International Organization


Disgusting Lefty billionaire Bill Gates has been caught funding an international mission to normalize pedophilia and sexualize children through indoctrination.

It has come to light that Gates, who serves on the board of Planed Parenthood, is a financial supporter of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), an organization that is also advocating for the sexualization of children at a younger age.

In the past few years, Gates has contributed $80 million to the IPPF, which is working to convince the world that children are “sexual beings” and that it is unethical to deny them the right to have sexual experiences.

Remember that the only thing that Bill Gates said he could learn from the death of the notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was that “we need to be more careful.”

Does Bill Gates have the welfare of our children in the forefront of his mind? When he talks about children passing away, he can’t help but smile, so the likelihood of this happening is extremely low.

In 2017, Bill Gates’ International Pediatric Psychiatry Foundation published a toolkit that provided a revealing insight into their vile agenda and demonstrated exactly how they are attempting to teach sex education to children all over the world. This toolkit was titled “Teaching Children About Sexuality.”

Nicole Solas, a member of the Independent Women’s Forum, was the one who first brought attention to the shocking toolkit.

According to the IPPF, children under 10 must be taught that they were “born sexual” and they should know that sex comes in many forms, including prostitution.

“Sexual activity may be part of different types of relationships, including dating, marriage, or commercial sex work, among others.”

The toolkit said that children under 10 should also be told: “As you grow up, you might start to be interested in people with diverse gender identities.”

“[S]ex positivity acknowledges that human beings, including adolescents and young people, are autonomous sexual beings,” the NGO adds.

But it gets even worse. According to Bill Gates’ IPPF, educators must have an “Understanding of young people as sexual beings” because “[A]ll people are sexual beings with sexual rights, regardless of their age.”

As a consequence of this twisted logic, the IPPF is arguing that we must remove the age of consent, as a matter of urgency, around the world.

Young children must have “the right to say yes or no to sex; the right to express sexuality, including the right to seek pleasure; the right to enjoy bodily autonomy…”

And Bill Gates can’t stop quietly donating huge sums to this organization that is obsessed with the sexuality of children.

Should we be surprised? Or is Gates hiding in plain site? After all, this is the man whose wife divorced him because he refused to end his friendship with the most notorious pedophile of our era.

Bill Gates’ support for IPPF wouldn’t be such a problem if the organization didn’t wield significant influence on global sex education, comprising 120 independent organizations in over 146 countries.

The globalist elite have been working behind the scenes for decades to construct the reality we are living in right now and Bill Gates is not the only member of the elite working to remove the age of consent around the world and decriminalize sex with children.

The World Economic Forum in Davos has made it a central tenet of their evil agenda and they are using their leverage with corrupt and infiltrated governments to create a world that is not safe for our children.


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