Bill Maher Defends Trump’s Infamous Line: “He was trying to say this is the way of the world, stardom mesmerizes people”


Comedian Bill Maher defended former President Donald Trump’s infamous “grab her by the p*ssy” comment on his recent Club Random podcast. Maher said while Trump may have been “in artful,” the comment is true because people let celebrities do anything they want.

Maher and rapper Wiz Khalifa were talking about the perks of stardom when Khalifa noted that he can get any girl he wants. “I’m going to get three girls if I want.”

Maher said Trump’s recent town hall on CNN where he was asked about his infamous comments and did not run from them instead Bill said Trump’s response was simply honest.

Maher said: “Trump is an amazing man.

“I mean, he certainly is loathsome in many ways as I’ve certainly never been short of discussing.

“But he is kind of – it’s almost like he’s been given sodium Pentothal sometimes.

“I’m sure that’s what a lot of people love about him.

“He’s almost – he’s both the biggest liar in the world, and he’s incapable of lying.

“Anybody else would’ve said when she said, ‘Would you stand by that statement that when you’re a star you can grab p*ssies?’ He basically just said what we’re saying, not that I’ve ever grabbed anybody’s p*ssies.

“I’m sure you haven’t either.

“But when you’re a star and you know this more than I do because this is like the level stuff you’re talking about.

“People will do anything for you.

“They try to get you the best drugs.

“They bring women over.

“It’s not like Trump’s – he was trying to say in his clumsy way, he said, ‘well, for better or for worse,’ I think what he meant is worse for the woman.

“Point being, he was trying to say this is the way of the world.

“Stardom mesmerized people, not just women.

“It makes people go nutty, it does,” he said.


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