Black People In Chicago Are FED UP — “Done With Democrats”, Want To Work With TRUMP!


The Democrat Party is running out of almost anyone remaining in its base!

They lost the Blue Collar Worker in 2016…

And in 2024 the Black Vote is going to go OVERWHELMINGLY to President Trump!

That’s not just my opinion, that’s what the Black Community in Chicago is flat out saying.

They say they’re done trying to work with Democrats and they want to work with Trump instead.

My take?

Setup the meeting!

From Dom:

Backup here:


I love this response:

You got that right….100%!

Come on in, we can all Make America Great Again together!

Let’s do this!!


“Blacks For Trump” Rallying For President Donald J. Trump!

There have been a LOT of lies about President Trump….

The fake Russian collusion.

The impeachment over a perfect phone call.

But perhaps one of the dumbest of all was that he was a “racist”.

There is simply no evidence of that anywhere and yet the MSM shouted it from the rooftops any chance they got.

Well, after 8 years of MSM brainwashing, I guess these guys still didn’t get the Memo because they’ve mobilized in D.C. today to show their 100% support for President Trump!

You gotta love it.

Oh, and also to tell Jack Smith that, quote: “he’s a punk” and that “him and Biden and Obama are all punks”.

Love these guys!

Take a look:

Backup here…

Man I love this guy!

So good!

All sorts of people are showing up to support Trump!

Every race, every religion, rich and poor….they people get it: this is a SHAM!

Love this:


Trump pleads NOT GUILTY to all counts:

More here:

TRUMP 2.0 — MAGA Has No Color!

I love this so much!

As much as they try to divide us, we have WAY MORE in common than we have differences.

In fact, without the “Professional Dividers” at work, I’d dare say this country is deeply unified!

Sure there will always be some nutcases here and there in any group, but that’s the exception not the norm.

I believe the videos I’m about to show you are the true picture of America right now.

“Trump 2.0” is going viral online and for good reason.

MAGA has no color.

MAGA has no lines of division.

MAGA crosses the lines they use to try and divide us and brings us all together as ONE NATION (under God by the way).

Please enjoy these awesome videos and keep in mind the TRUTH about America right now….

The truth is what you’re about to see, not what the MSM tries to brainwash you with:

Love this guy:


They’re putting his “Mug Shot” on murals in Atlanta:

You see division?

I see unity.

Black Voices For Trump!

These all remind me of this one…

Remember this?

JAYWALKING: “Do you think the 2020 election was rigged…”

Remember “Jay-Walking”?

When Jay Leno would go out on the streets of Burbank and ask people what they thought about different things?

Of course Jay always made it funny…

And he ran into some people who may have been, let’s just say, below average intelligence…

But they were always hilarious and always told you a lot.

I have a new video that reminds me a lot of that.

It’s short but worth the watch.

Want to know what REAL Americans think about Joe Biden and the 2020 (S)Election?

Even from allegedly blue-state California?

Then watch this…

From Rumble:

What about you…

More here:

Trump or Biden? This May Surprise You…

A new series is going viral online…

If you remember Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” series where he would go out on the street and ask people questions, that’s what this reminds me of.

Except it’s just one question: Trump or Biden.

You gotta love the reactions of people.

And the results may surprise you, at least if you believe the lies the MSM is always telling you.

But if you believe the truth WE are always showing you, you may not be surprised at all.

You’ll enjoy this either way, take a look:

It actually might not surprise you at all if you’ve been paying attention…

Crowd size never lies:


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