BREAKING: Cocaine Found In White House Library Two Days After Hunter Biden Visit


The evacuation of the White House grounds on Sunday was prompted by the discovery of “an unknown item on the White House complex”.

The “unknown item” turned out to test positive for Cocaine Hydrochloride (powdered cocaine). Powdered cocaine is an illegal Schedule II substance. An interesting factoid that many conservative commentators have latched onto is that the discovery of the substance occurred two days after a White House visit by Hunter Biden, the scandal ridden president’s son who has a history of taking drugs. Indeed, Hunter was kicked out of the US Navy when he failed a drug test and tested positive for cocaine usage.

As observed by the Daily Mail, however, the place where the drugs were discovered- the White House library- ” is part of the tour of the mansion where members of the public regularly walk through.” This widens the potential scope of persons who may have place the substance there.

Public reaction to the news has shown that many have a humorous side. The Twitter user Official Ohio State DG commented that “[t]he White House has new meaning” in light of the story. (White being the color typically associated with cocaine).

Hunter Biden has claimed that he has after a difficult period overcome his drug addiction problems and that the “the desire, the itch, to use is gone.” Still Hunter Biden’s drug addiction past has come back to haunt him.  In June the president’s son received sweetheart plea deal by the Department of Justice that would have him serve probation for- in part- lying about his drug addiction history on a gun form.

As pointed out by the National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action, “Yet the prosecutorial indifference exhibited in the Hunter gun case is just a higher profile example of how the federal gun control regime works. An expanding web of statutes, regulations and enforcement policies make it harder and harder for conscientious, law-abiding Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights, while those who brazenly violate the law often go unpunished. In either case, those in authority hold all the cards, picking winners and losers under the regime as it suits them and their political agenda. ”

The sweetheart nature of Hunter Biden’s deal was also pointed out by Robert Barnes, a constitutional lawyer. He wrote “As a criminal tax lawyer for a near quarter-century, I confirm how rare & extraordinary the [Hunter Biden] plea deal is. Indeed, the deal violates DOJ Tax official policy, where Biden’s DOJ prohibit prosecutors from even offering this deal to people who did far less than Hunter.”


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