BREAKING: Elon Musk Responds To Tucker Carlson’s Hit Video – ‘Convince The People And Let The Chips Fall’


On Thursday morning, Twitter CEO and billionaire Elon Musk responded to Tucker Carlson breaking his silence in a video posted to Twitter that has accrued more than 50,000,000 views as of this report.

Musk responded to claims by Ed Krassenstein that Tucker is an “entertainer” and a bigot.

“I literally see hundreds of Tweets this morning saying things like “Thanks Tucker” or “Go Tucker”. Let me be clear about one thing,” Krassenstein wrote.

“Tucker Carlson is an entertainer. He is an entertainer who stoops down to levels of bigotry. He is a liar who would tell people what they wanted to hear, just to get viewers and better ratings,” the journalist claimed. “His expertise on Fox News was kissing up to his audiences’ confirmation biases and then spinning the narrative and propagating lies and conspiracy theories to entertain those biases.

In response to this, Musk doubled down on his platform’s free speech priorities while ensuring that the public knows what could be misleading or false via Community Notes.

“Anyone making materially false statements on this platform will get Community Noted, including you, me, Tucker, advertisers, head of state, etc. No exceptions,” Musk wrote. “Convince the people and let the chips fall where they may.”

Other users also pointed out that the video that Krassenstein showed was edited to use out-of-context clips to discredit the former Fox host.

“That video edit is a materially false claim that takes a variety of out-of-context clips to paint Tucker in a negative light,” wrote Ian Miles Cheong.

“Ed needs to share extremely vague clips that are extremely taken out of context to try to prove a point against Tucker. Sad,” Collin Rugg pointed out.

Krassenstein has taken aim at the video that Tucker Carlson posted to his Twitter page on Wednesday evening that, in less than 24 hours, reached 50,000,000 people on the platform after he parted ways with Fox News on Monday.

The tweet racked up 154,000 retweets, 20,000 quote tweets, over 680,000 likes, and over 68,000 comments as of this report. 15.2 million people watched the entirety of Carlson’s two-minute video.


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