BREAKING: Fox Moving Hannity To Tucker’s Former Slot In Major Network Shakeup


In a significant shakeup at Fox News, the network has announced that Sean Hannity will be moving to the 8 pm ET slot, taking over Tucker Carlson’s former place. The news was posted by popular commentator Charlie Kirk, who shared the development on Twitter.

This strategic change in the network’s lineup will be followed by Jesse Watters at 9 pm and Greg Gutfeld at 10 pm. However, the fate of Laura Ingraham and Trace Gallagher remains uncertain as there has been no official indication regarding their positions within the network.

Drudge Report broke the story Wednesday afternoon.

The decision to move Hannity to the prime 8 pm slot underscores the significant role he plays in Fox News’ programming. Hannity has been a staple of the network’s lineup for years. His new time slot will allow him to reach a larger audience as well.

Jesse Watters, known for his sharp and unapologetic commentary, will follow Hannity at 9 pm. Watters has gained popularity among conservative viewers for his unique insights and bold approach to discussing pressing topics. With his new time slot, Watters will have an expanded platform to deliver his analysis and engage with viewers.

Lastly, Greg Gutfeld will take over in the 10 pm slot, bringing his wit and humor to the late-night audience. Gutfeld’s show, which blends entertainment and political commentary, has garnered a loyal following, making him a natural fit for the later time slot.

The major shakeup leaves the fate of hosts Laura Ingraham and Trace Gallagher muddled. Both Ingraham and Gallagher have been integral parts of the network’s programming.

It remains to be seen how their roles will evolve in the wake of these lineup adjustments.

Earlier this month, Tucker Carlson announced his future plans.


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