BREAKING: Graphic Video Surfaces of Allen, Texas Mall Shooter, Attacker Killed by Police Officer


A shooting at an outlet mall in Allen, a suburb of Dallas, Texas, on Saturday afternoon has resulted in at least nine people being taken to hospital and an unknown number of fatalities, according to local authorities. The Allen Police Department reported that a suspected shooter was killed by an officer at the scene.

Video has surfaced of the alleged shooter after he was shot and killed by a police officer. The video below is censored, but the uncensored version can be viewed here. (Caution: Graphic.)

Censored video showing the mass shooting suspect dead on the floor on the site of Allen Premium Outlets mall in Allen, Texas. The suspect, who appears to be white, and possibly in his early 20s, is seen wearing tactical clothing.

— Global Affairs (@OurEarthAffairs) May 7, 2023

In the uncensored video, one can see the suspect was dressed in black from head to two, but wearing Converse sneakers. He had multiple magazines on his person and a rifle laid by his side.

As can be heard from dashcam video, the weapon(s) used was an automatic rifle or one modified to shoot at a higher rate of fire.

There also appear to be false or misleading reports about the suspect(s) being “black” and shouting epithets about the victims. The graphic video, however, appears to be authentic, but filmed in the aftermath.

The incident occurred around 3:35 p.m. (2030 UTC) at the Allen Premium Outlets mall, located about 25 miles northeast of Dallas. Police responded to reports of gunshots and immediately began working to evacuate shoppers and store employees.

Although details of the incident are still emerging, local news station WFAA has reported that children were among those killed and injured. Eyewitnesses said that they saw several bodies covered in sheets when they were given permission to leave the stores where they had been hiding.

Police Chief Brian Harvey confirmed the fatalities but did not provide a specific death toll, saying that officials “do not have an accurate count” at this time. He added that further information on the shooting would be released later in the evening.


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