BREAKING: Judge REJECTS Hunter Biden’s “Not Guilty” Plea Deal!


Well, well, well, isn’t this a turn of events?

Seems like the law of karma isn’t just a philosophical concept anymore.

Hunter Biden’s plea deal just fell apart faster than a sandcastle at high tide.

And to think, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men thought they could keep Hunter out of trouble again.

There’s a certain poetic justice to it, isn’t there?

The man who seemed as untouchable as the Hope Diamond, as slippery as a greased pig at a county fair, finally has to face the music.

Not even a federal judge overseeing the case, bless her, could stomach the plea deal.

She cited “concerns” about its constitutionality.

It’s like she glanced at it and said, “Wait a minute. This doesn’t pass the smell test.”

Meanwhile, the rest of us are popping popcorn and settling in to watch the drama unfold.

If this isn’t a major blow to the Biden clan, I don’t know what is.

Now, the son of the President has to plead not guilty and await his fate, while the Justice Department, possibly with a twinge of regret, continues to circle overhead like a hawk.

Yes, Hunter is still very much the subject of an active investigation.

It seems the Trumps and Republicans are on the verge of vindication.

Not that they ever doubted the veracity of their claims, mind you.

This just feels like sweet victory.

The walls are finally closing in on Hunter, and all we can say is: it was about time.

Just the News has the juicy deatils:

Hunter Biden’s plea deal with the Justice Department on two misdemeanor tax charges fell apart Wednesday after the federal judge overseeing the case said she had “concerns” about the constitutionality of a pre-trial diversion agreement that would allow him to avoid prison on a felony firearms possession charge.

Judge Maryellen Noreika did not accept the plea deal and Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty at the end of the hearing. Noreika asked both sides to file briefs explaining the legal structuring of the plea deal.

Additionally, prosecutors acknowledged in the Delaware federal court that Biden is still the subject of an active investigation, according to Fox News.

Biden had been expected to plea guilty to two misdemeanor tax crimes as part of a plea deal with the Justice Department that would have allowed the first son to avoid jail time with the approval of Noreika, a Trump appointee who has donated to both political parties.

Biden was also charged with felony possession of a firearm while being addicted to illegal drugs, a crime that carries a maximum sentence of 10 years. He had agreed to enter into a pre-trial diversion program, which allows defendants to avoid convictions or prison time.

Isn’t it funny how the universe has a way of leveling the playing field?

You can’t escape the consequences forever.

But hey, who doesn’t love a good game of hide and seek?

The only question is: what’s going to be the next twist in this thrilling saga?

Buckle up, folks.

The ride’s just getting started.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m just imagining the discomfort at the Biden family dinner table.

You know, after years of saying “Hunter did nothing wrong!” only to find out a judge isn’t buying what they’re selling.

I can almost hear the awkward silence as the mashed potatoes are passed around.

The original plea deal crumbled like a stale cookie after the judge decided it didn’t pass the smell test.

Does it cover future potential charges from the ongoing Justice Department investigation?

The prosecution was quick to say “nope, no FARA violations included here, your honor.”

Breitbart has more details on the plea deal gone wrong:

Hunter Biden pled not guilty on Wednesday to gun and tax charges, refusing to accept a new plea deal laid out by prosecutors.

The original plea deal fell apart after the judge questioned if it covered future potential charges of the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation. The prosecution reportedly said the deal did not include any alleged Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) violations.

MSNBC reported the court took a ten-minute recess to determine if the two parties could quickly come to an agreement. When the deal got back on track, reports indicated it would “be more limited in scope,” only including specific charges related to tax and gun wronging. “The two sides have agreed that this deal does not shield him from potential future charges,” CNN reported.

But the judge said she was not ready to accept the plea deal and asked both the prosecutor and Hunter Biden to submit additional briefs, according to reporters inside the courthouse. The parties will have to return to court in the future.

In the end, it seems that Hunter’s “get out of jail free” card isn’t as free as he might have hoped.

“The two sides have agreed that this deal does not shield him from potential future charges,” CNN reported.


So here we are, watching this legal rollercoaster ride, popcorn in hand, as the Bidens try to play it cool.

But we all know the truth: this must be more embarrassing than Joe’s never-ending mental gaffes.

And all we can do is wait and see what happens next in this never-ending saga.

This show is far from over.


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