BREAKING: New Footage From NYC Subway Incident Shows Ex-Marine Putting Jordan Neely In “Recovery Position”


Moments ago, crucial new video evidence emerged from the NYC Subway incident between ex-Marine Daniel Penny and violent criminal Jordan Neely. This new angle shows Penny putting Neely into a “recovery” position after he was subdued. The intent was to make sure he didn’t “swallow his tongue” by laying on his back.

You can hear cross chatter between the men who subdued him where they clearly state “He’s not going to die”. Once he was unconscious, they did all they could to make sure he remained stable.

Watch the bombshell new footage here:

“This needs to go viral”, user “Mythinformed” posted in a follow up tweet:

Over the weekend, protesters rallied across New York City to demand “justice” for Neely. A grand jury is expected to convene next week to hear evidence in the case.

The protesters actually took to the subway tracks in an effort to disrupt the train schedule:

There were also protesters threatening to “tear the city down” unless the Marine who killed Neely is aggressively prosecuted:

On Friday, hundreds of protesters gathered in Washington Square Park to protest against the lack of care for the city’s homeless and mentally ill, as well as the mayor’s inaction in response to the case.

Neely was a 30-year-old violent homeless man who had been arrested over 40 times. He died on Monday after Penny had placed him into a chokehold on the NYC Subway. Neely had reportedly started behaving erratically and showing aggression towards other passengers.


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