BREAKING: President Trump Makes New Statement on Alvin Bragg’s ‘DEAD’ Case


On Saturday, 45th President Donald Trump made a new statement in regard to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s (D) case against him after a week of speculation as to whether Trump would be indicted in an unprecedented move.

“The Manhattan D.A. Witch Hunt against me is DEAD, no evidence at all, & it has been conclusively proven that I did nothing wrong!” Trump wrote on Truth Social, adding, “The evidence against their ‘Star’ witness, however, is overwhelming.”

As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, chaos was reigning in the District Attorney’s office and doubts were being raised about the wisdom of bringing their weak case forward.

Sources within the office told The New York Post that Bragg was concerned following the testimony of former Cohen lawyer Bob Costello on Monday which could lead to the grand jury voting against an indictment.

“The only thing I’m doing is trying to tell the truth to the grand jurors because I read all these lies in the media that are being promoted by one side,” Costello said to the press following his testimony. “Listen if they want to go after Donald Trump and they have solid evidence, so be it. But Michael Cohen is far from solid evidence.”

“I wouldn’t have touched a guy like Michael Cohen, especially if he’s a convicted perjurer,” added the former deputy chief of the criminal division in the Southern District of New York.

Due to the innate weakness in the case and Costello’s testimony, assistant district attorneys are reportedly “shaking their heads” about Bragg’s judgment in bringing the case.

”They don’t understand how this case is going forward,” the source said. “These ADAs are not fans of Trump but they are professional lawyers and know the law.”‘

While the case against Trump is continuing to falter, the Republican frontrunner called on the D.A. to sue Michael Cohen for his “lying & fraud.”

“An already disbarred lawyer & convicted Felon, the only question left is will the D.A.s Office sue him for lying & fraud,” he explained. “They should! The SDNY already found him guilty on charges unrelated to ‘TRUMP,’ & wrote a scathing report. He is responsible for time taken away from the D.A. on VIOLENT CRIME!”

On Friday, Trump lawyer Joseph Tacopina called upon the New York Department of Investigations Commissioner to investigate the D.A.’s office, as previously reported by the DC Enquirer.

The 12-page letter sent to Commissioner Jocelyn E. Strauber demands that an investigation be launched into the “unprecedented multi-year probe of President Trump” adding that it represented “prosecutorial misconduct” and a “blatant attempt to interfere with a Federal election.”

It is apparent that Bragg is struggling to secure an indictment from the grand jury. Despite the ability of prosecutors to secure an indictment on even the flimsiest of charges, Bragg’s inability to convince the jury shows just how weak Bragg’s case is.


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