BREAKING: Tucker Carlson to Unleash Hell On Fox News, Plans To Launch His Own Media Empire


In an ongoing battle between Tucker Carlson and Fox News, sources close to Carlson have informed Axios that he is preparing to force Fox News to let him work for or create a right-wing rival network. This move comes after Fox News let Carlson go 13 days ago, resulting in a plummet of ratings in his former time slot. In an attempt to sideline him, Fox is offering to pay Carlson $20 million per year not to work.

Carlson’s attorney, Bryan Freedman, told Axios that “the idea that anyone is going to silence Tucker and prevent him from speaking to his audience is beyond preposterous.” The conflict between Carlson and Fox has the potential to reshape the conservative news landscape.

Axios has learned Carlson is busy plotting a media empire of his own. But he needs Fox to let him out of his contract, which expires in January 2025 — after the presidential election. We’re told Carlson has been contacted by outlets — including the right-wing Rumble and Newsmax — that offered to pay him more than his Fox contract.

Behind the scenes, Axios discovered that Carlson even had a conversation with Elon Musk about potentially working together, although specifics were not discussed. Additionally, Carlson is considering the establishment of a direct-to-consumer media outlet, following the blueprint laid out by his predecessor in his Fox slot, Bill O’Reilly.

Two days after his departure from Fox News, Carlson posted a Twitter video at 8 p.m. ET, the same time as his former show, teasing “See you soon.” The video has since garnered over 24 million views.

A source close to Carlson, who was not authorized to speak publicly, said that the ousted host “knows where a lot of bodies are buried, and is ready to start drawing a map.” Furthermore, Carlson’s allies with large platforms are prepared to attack Fox News for attempting to keep him on the sidelines. Trumpworld’s bare-knuckle brawlers are reportedly standing by in support of Carlson.


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