BREAKING: Tucker Carlson’s New Episode Exposes The Democrat Establishment’s War On RFK Jr


In the fifth episode of Tucker Carlson’s show, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign was put under the spotlight, exposing the Democrats’ attack on the candidate. Kennedy Jr., a prominent voice against vaccine mandates and stringent COVID-19 restrictions, has attracted intense scrutiny from media outlets, who have raised concerns about his stance on science and public health.

As Carlson noted, the New York Times was swift to criticize Kennedy in the very first sentence of their article about his presidential campaign, describing it as built on “relitigating COVID-19 shutdowns and shaking Americans’ faith in science”. Other outlets such as CBS News and NPR have labeled his views as “misleading and dangerous,” with the LA Times going as far as calling him a “threat to democracy”.

This isn’t the first time Kennedy Jr. has faced media backlash according to Carlson. Back in 2005, he made headlines by suggesting a possible link between the rise in autism cases and the schedule of mandatory childhood vaccines. His claims drew the wrath of the pharmaceutical lobby and both Rolling Stone and Salon.com, who initially published his article, eventually retracted it. This intensified the scrutiny against him, with accusations of misinformation leading to censorship on Instagram and YouTube.


However, this censorship hasn’t hindered Kennedy’s appeal to a section of the public who feel their voices aren’t heard. His recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast sparked another controversy, with Vice.com criticizing Spotify for allowing what they perceived as “vaccine misinformation”. Despite a significant pushback, Spotify stood its ground and did not censor the episode.

Kennedy’s interview on the podcast, where he questioned why five of his seven children have allergies and raised doubts about the increasing rate of chronic diseases, ignited further interest. His inquisitive nature and willingness to ask questions that others might shy away from seems to resonate with people who feel increasingly disillusioned with mainstream narratives explained Carlson.

The reaction to the Rogan interview led to a challenge for a public debate between Kennedy and vaccine advocate Dr. Peter Hotez. Despite a substantial monetary incentive for Hotez’s favorite charity, he declined, comparing debating with Kennedy to engaging with a Holocaust denier.

Kennedy’s rising popularity despite a lack of mainstream platform support points to a significant gap between public sentiment and what mainstream media portrays. Meanwhile, the refusal of figures like Hotez to engage in public debate with dissenting voices raises questions about the nature of public discourse and the state of democracy.

In spite of the intense criticism and public shaming, Kennedy Jr.’s voice is being heard by many. An Economist poll indicates that he is more popular and less hated than either major party frontrunner. As the presidential race heats up, this saga promises to reveal more about America’s political landscape and the enduring struggle for open debate.



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