BREAKING: Tucker Releases Bombshell Interview With Devon Archer; Watch It Here


Tucker Carlson sat down with Devon Archer, former business partner of Hunter Biden, for a revealing and intimate conversation released just minutes ago. In the explosive interview, Archer opened up about his work with Hunter Biden, the nature of their business operations, and the alleged involvement of then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Archer was asked to describe the specific skills that Hunter Biden brought to their business. He explained: “At the end of the day, he had a career in Washington, graduated Yale Law School and had a very big network in D.C. and brought that know-how and understanding of D.C. and ultimately the Biden brand.”

Regarding Hunter Biden’s role at Burisma, Archer clarified that he wasn’t doing legal work and was not in the counsel’s office. He elaborated on the main asset Hunter brought, saying, “So the network and the Biden brand sounds like the kind of key component of what he was bringing.”


Discussing the complexity of the business, Archer stated, “It’s a complex business, [it] takes years of training. But again, the initial idea around the business is they were going to provide the government insight and an additional network to raise capital and then, you know, deal with regulatory issues that you might have at the corporate level.”

In a thought-provoking moment, Archer considered Washington’s nature of selling access: “I think that’s one of the core misconceptions. I mean, it seems like when I, understanding a regulatory environment means selling access at the end of the day. That’s how I interpret it. And I think that’s how most people on Wall Street, whether they admit it or not, interpret it.”

One of the interview’s bombshells came when discussing Joe Biden’s alleged involvement with their business calls. Archer said, “Over a 10-year partnership… the number I’m going with is 20. That’s probably the amount that I kind of record. Yeah, a lot.”

Tucker pressed Archer on whether the then-Vice President must have understood the nature of these calls, to which Archer said, “Yeah, yep. In the rearview, it’s an abuse of soft power, I’d say.”

Archer detailed his meetings with Joe Biden, sharing a heartfelt letter from the Vice President thanking him and Hunter. Tucker commented on the oddity of the letter, stating: “It’s quite enthusiastic, it’s a little weird though, right?”

Archer responded, “Yeah, well, it was. Listen, it was kind of the beginning of our partnership, and he was thanking me and thanking Hunter. I think at the end of the day, for bringing this idea of this government regulatory strategic advisory business into the private equity world, I think he was excited about the prospects for Hunter.”

The interview provides an unprecedented insight into the business workings of Hunter and the involvement of Joe Biden. During Monday’s closed-door testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Archer claimed that Joe frequently spoke to his son’s business partners. This strongly contradicts previous statements made by the President.

According to Archer, these conversations were casual, with the President and Hunter’s business partners exchanging ‘niceties’ such as discussing the weather.

Beyond the email, the connection between Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Burisma has been a continued point of controversy. Burisma’s accusations of corruption, coupled with Hunter’s board position, have fueled discussions about how the Biden family’s political influence played a role in their business decisions.


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