‘Call Back Trump’: Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán Praises Trump’s Foreign Policy In Interview With Tucker Carlson


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán praised former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy during an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson in Budapest.

Orbán, whose country borders Ukraine, said Russia never would have provoked war under Trump’s administration because of his foreign policy being the “best form for the world” in several decades. He called on President Joe Biden and the U.S. to make peace immediately with Russia.

“Call back Trump. That’s the only way out. Call back Trump,” Orbán said. “Because you know, you can criticize him for many reasons. I understand all the discussion. But the best foreign policy of the recent several decades belonged to him. He did not initiate any new war. He treated nicely the North Koreans and Russia, even the Chinese. You know, he delivered a policy which was the best one for Middle East, Abraham Accords. So he had very good foreign policy.”

“He’s [Trump] criticized because he’s not educated enough to understand the world politics. This is not the case,” Orbán told Carlson. “Facts count and his foreign policy was the best form for the world in the last several decades I have seen. And if he would have been the president at the moment the Russian invasion started, no, it would not be possible to do that by the Russians. So Trump is the man who can save the western world and probably the human beings in the world as well.”

The Daily Caller co-founder pointed to Vice President Kamala Harris urging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to have Ukraine join NATO just days before Russia invaded the country in February 2022. Orbán said as the Russians grow stronger, Ukraine becoming a part of NATO could lead to a nuclear war that would endanger the U.S.

Orbán addressed the accusations by the Biden administration and the media that he is a “fascist” by arguing it is “very dangerous” for himself and his country to be hated by the most powerful nation in the world.

“It’s dangerous, may I say. So we should not neglect the importance of that fact — when the United States administration does not like you, or considers you as an enemy or a having a backtrack, it’s dangerous in international politics,” the prime minister said.

“To be Hungarian — we are very proud of it. We love the nation, we love the country, and we are proud of it. It’s not every much mainstream thinking, political thinking of today western societies. But in Hungary, we are still very patriotic and Christian and committed to those values. Not in an ideological level, but on the streets every day,” Orbán said, pointing to the country’s 1100-year history.

The prime minister emphasized that “family, nation, [and] God” are the most important values for upholding a society since it prevents people’s egos from controlling them.

Carlson recently visited Budapest where he gave a speech about the “disgusting” behavior of the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, David Pressman, in a speech Friday. Carlson traveled to Hungary in 2021 where he interviewed the Hungarian prime minister about Hungary’s government family policy to solve the low birth rates and economic stagnation.


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