Chief Investigator at Manhattan DA’s Office Susan Hoffinger Previously Donated to Biden and Other Dems


The Chief of the Investigation Division at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has a history of donating to Democrat political candidates.

Campaign donation records provided by Campaign Money reveal Chief Investigator of the Manhattan DA Office Susan Hoffinger donated to Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign and would donate to the the Democrat PAC ActBlue numerous times.

In the 2020 election cycle Hoffinger donated $250 to Biden and donated a little over $1,000 to ActBlue.


Hoffinger’s donations to Biden and a democratic PAC could be a conflict of interest considering Trump is the leading opposition to the Democratic Party.

Trump’s indictment isn’t the first time Hoffinger will be overseeing a case that investigates Trump.

As The Gateway Pundit reported back in February of 2022, Hoffinger was appointed by DA Alvin Bragg to over see the probe of the Trump Organizations after prosecutors, Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz resigned from their positions at the Manhattan DA’s Office.

The Manhattan’s DA Office is crawling with partisan executives members who aren’t shy about showing what side of the aisle they are on.

Chief Executive Assistant Meg Reiss who some believe is the one calling the shots inside of the DA office previously liked tweets on her Twitter account that called for Trump to be “dumped” and “driven out”.

After TGP reported on her political bias her account was deleted


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