Clif High Explains Why Nancy Pelosi Refused Trump’s National Guard


I think this is going to blow some of your minds.

It did mine.

I’ve heard bits and pieces of this over the years and have always had a fair amount of skepticism about all the details.

But Clif High does incredible research and has a track record that speaks for itself.

And he’s pulled together a lot of details here that finally all make sense when you see the bigger picture coming together.

I won’t do it near justice in a summary, which is why you just need to listen for yourself, but the main points include the idea that we have “The Republic” and we have the Incorporated “United States”.

I’ve heard that floated around for a long time, but Clif gives specific details and citations as backup.

Beyond that though, is his explanation of Federal land claimed within the United States and how that has been growing and how that’s essentially a foreign nation with the “States United”.

He’s dead on right.

The biggest and most notorious area?

Washington, D.C.

Did you know that is it’s own area?

It’s not a State.

It’s not subject to the things States are subject to.

It’s ran by the Feds and their own laws however they see fit to enforce them.

Ever wondered why all the J6 Prisoners have been sitting rotting away in jail cells for over a year, when our Constitution has a little thing called Habeas Corpus?

It’s because it’s D.C. and they’re not following the Constitution.

Wonder why Nancy Pelosi refused Trump’s offer of the National Guard (National Guard coming from the STATES)?

Because she quite literally viewed it as an infringing militia coming into the Federal D.C. area.

All starting to make sense now?

In fact, it goes well beyond just J6 and D.C.

It explains the plan set in motion by Trump and the Patriots and how it goes back WAY earlier than 2016.

It’s all in here folks and it’s explosive!

As I said, Clif does a much better job than I do of explaining it, so please enjoy:


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