CNN Analyst SHOCKED By Poll Spelling Doom For Biden: ‘Never Seen Anything Like It’


On Monday, CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten disclosed poll results that could spell potential trouble for President Joe Biden’s administration, particularly concerning his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

According to the Quinnipiac poll, only 24% of Democrats under the age of 35 approve of Biden’s performance in dealing with the Israeli-Hamas war. The figure contrasts sharply with the 77% approval rate among Democrats ages 65 and over.

Enten showed his astonishment at the unprecedented age gap in political attitude: “I’ve never seen an age gap quite like anything like this in politics.”

The divide extends beyond mere approval ratings. When it comes to sympathies in the Middle East, the disparity is even more pronounced. Among Democratic voters under 35, a mere 16% express more sympathy for the Israelis, while a significant 74% lean towards the Palestinians.

This is in opposition to older Democrats, with 45% sympathizing more with the Israelis and 25% with the Palestinians.

The poll also dove into the question of continued U.S. support for Israel. Among younger Democrats, only 40% believe it is in the U.S. national interest to continue supporting Israel, compared to a striking 87% among the older demographic. The poll raised more questions than answers about the future direction of Democratic foreign policy and its implications for U.S.-Israel relations.

The differences in opinion within the Democratic Party indicate a brewing internal conflict. Public perception has not only challenged Biden’s current approach but also hinted at a potential shift in Democratic foreign policy priorities in the years to come.

Other polls paint a similar picture for the Biden administration as well. The most recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll shows Trump in a dominant position over Biden in a rematch.

A substantial 59% of respondents believe that Biden should not run for a second term.

This sentiment transcends party lines as well, with a notable portion of Democrats and a majority of independents expressing their reservations about Biden’s candidacy in 2024. Data suggests an undercurrent of political fatigue and a desire for change, even among those who traditionally support the Democratic Party.

On the other side, Trump’s base remains steadfastly loyal, a factor that could prove crucial in the upcoming election.  While only a quarter of Democrats showed enthusiasm for a Biden rerun, an overwhelming 77% of Republican voters are in favor of Trump returning to the political arena. This disparity could play a pivotal role in the 2024 race, potentially tipping the scales in favor of the Republican Party.

With inflation and immigration emerging as top concerns, approximately 30% of respondents identified the economy as the most pressing issue, while 25% pointed towards immigration.

Further insights from the poll revealed a divided perception regarding the reasons behind the Democrats’ recent electoral successes. A significant 57% of respondents believe that former President Barack Obama wants Biden to run again, showing his continued influence within the Democratic Party.

Biden and the DNC, known for their long-standing support of Israel, face a critical challenge in reconciling these divergent views within his party. The growing discontent among younger Democrats could have significant ramifications for 2024 and the Democratic Party’s unity.


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