Coca-Cola Quietly Deletes Support For BLM After Getting Called Out By Republican


Earlier in the week, Texas Senator Ted Cruz called out Coca-Cola and some other Fortune 500 companies for supporting Black Lives Matter after the organization’s Chicago chapter posted its support for Palestine.

In the deleted tweet, BLM Chicago posted a picture of a paraglider with the text “I stand with Palestine,” referencing the Hamas terrorists who paraglided into an Israeli music festival and murdered hundreds of civilians.

BLM Chicago joined a growing list of organizations and individuals who have shown anti-Israeli sentiments since the attack on October 7.

From Fox News:

After the October 18 episode of The Verdict with Ted Cruz, Coca-Cola — which owns Sprite — deleted its language on its website the following morning.

“Earlier this month, Sprite announced a $500,000 contribution to the Black Lives Matter Global Network in a social post committing action in the fight for racial justice. On June 28, the brand debuted a new TV commercial during the 2020 BET Awards telecast showcasing Black America’s resilience, excellence, and optimism. The 60-second spot titled ‘Dreams Realized’ emphasizes Sprite’s commitment to making young Black creators’ dreams a reality and to inspire the next generation to do more and dream bigger,” a web archive version of the website reads.

Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Coca-Cola, Sprite, DoorDash, DropBox, Warner Brothers and Microsoft have donated to BLM.

“On Verdict, we name names and blast corporate America for standing with Marxists who celebrated Hamas’s mass murder of Israelis,” Cruz said in a post on X on Thursday.

“For every corporate donor who sent millions to BLM—including Amazon, Apple, BlackRock & Bank of America—do you regret supporting such a virulently anti-Semitic organization?” Cruz said on Wednesday’s episode of the podcast.

“Do you support Black Lives Matter’s Marxist agenda supporting Hamas? Are you anti-Semites? Do you support that we need to end Israel?” he questioned.

Even though the leadership of Black Lives Matter has been accused of misappropriating funds, the organization still gets a lot of donations from big corporations that want to show that they are inclusive.

For their part, Coca-Cola hasn’t commented on Cruz’s statement. Since the company got caught red-handed quietly deleting its support for BLM, don’t expect to hear from them soon.


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