Crowd Goes INSANE When RFK Jr. Reveals His First Executive Order, Should He Win


This just in! Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the man often touted as a wild card within his party, drops a promise that is making waves across the political spectrum.

Pledging an executive order on his very first day in office to address the alleged weaponization and politicization within the federal bureaucracy?

Now that’s something you don’t hear every day, especially not from a Democrat!

Does this mean we should rally behind him?

Not quite yet, patriots.

But this move, dare we say, reeks of common sense, a trait often scarce in today’s political landscape.

Look back to the inconsistencies of the FBI, as pointed out by Sean Hannity.

Remember the differing treatments of Hillary Clinton, former President Trump, and President Biden in the face of allegations of mishandling classified information?

It’s a discrepancy that has left a bitter taste in many mouths.

And along comes RFK Jr., standing up against the tide, promising to address this issue that has long been brushed under the rug.

But here’s the real question – will he commit to pardoning President Trump, if it comes to that?

Until someone asks RFK Jr. that question, we’re unlikely to know.

However, we do know what he plans to do on Day One.

Watch the crowd react when he reveals his plans for his first Executive Order:

Sure, RFK Jr. may have his eccentricities.

He may have been dismissed as “kooky” at times.

But right now, he’s hitting the nail on the head, and that’s something we must acknowledge.

Per Fox News:

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., pledged a first-day executive order to address the alleged scourge of weaponization and politicization within the federal bureaucracy if he is elected president.

During a “Hannity” town hall, host Sean Hannity said the FBI acted incongruently in terms of investigating or recommending prosecution of presidents and presidential candidates who allegedly mishandled classified information.

He noted how then-FBI Director James Comey asserted in 2016 that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case” against Hillary Clinton for purportedly smashing cell phones, bleach-bitting her emails and domiciling a clandestine hard drive in her residence’s bathroom.

He compared that, as well as the raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago compound, to the relative silence from the bureau and Justice Department in regard to President Biden’s alleged mishandling of classified information.

Does this mean we’re all going to jump ship and start cheering for Kennedy?

Absolutely not, patriots!

Our loyalty and support remain with President Trump.

But let’s take a moment to appreciate the bigger picture here.

Kennedy’s rising popularity is indicative of a larger undercurrent.

The American people are weary of the political establishment.

They’re yearning for an outsider’s perspective, for someone who challenges the status quo, even if it’s coming from someone we wouldn’t typically align with.

So, what does this tell us, friends?

This shows us that the American people are wise to the workings of the establishment.

They’re ready for a change, ready to upend the apple cart.

Mediaite confirmed that the crowd cheered RFK Jr.’s comments loudly:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. once again blamed the United States for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – this time in front of a Fox News studio audience that cheered his remarks.

Kennedy has said NATO’s expansion after the Cold War prompted Russia to become increasingly defensive and ultimately, hostile.


“We don’t want peace,” Kennedy added. “We want the war with Russia.”

A substantial portion of the audience cheered at that point.

“Why are you blaming America’s role in this?” Hannity asked, but before pressing Kennedy, the host pivoted to say Europe should increase its assistance to Ukraine.

But remember, our mission remains the same: we continue to support President Trump.

We continue to strive for that brighter, bolder future that he promises.

However, this recent development serves as a refreshing reminder – the American people are not sheep, they’re ready to challenge, to question, to rethink.

The establishment’s days are numbered, folks, and isn’t that a beautiful thought?


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