DANGEROUS’: Alan Dershowitz Sounds The Alarm On ‘Weak’ Trump Indictment


‘Former President Donald Trump is facing yet another indictment, this time over the alleged mishandling of classified documents stored at his Mar-a-Lago estate. The indictment marks a historic moment as it is the first time in U.S. history that a former president has been charged by the Justice Department.

However, renowned Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz has raised serious concerns about the strength of the indictment, calling it potentially dangerous to the rule of law and the impartial application of criminal justice. Speaking on Fox News, Dershowitz expressed his alarm at what he perceives as a politically motivated and weak indictment.

“If this indictment is as weak as it appears to be from what has been disclosed so far, it may be the most dangerous indictment in political history,” he explained.

He pointed out that it is unprecedented for the incumbent administration to indict the leading candidate against the sitting president in an effort to prevent him from running for office again. Even The New York Times acknowledged the political significance of this case.

“It’s an extraordinarily dangerous indictment potentially dangerous to the rule of law, dangerous to the neutral application of criminal justice, and dangerous to establishing a precedent that each side will weaponize the criminal justice system against their political opponents. That’s not America.”


While acknowledging that there might be smoking guns yet to be revealed, Dershowitz criticized the charges that have been suggested so far: lying, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and unauthorized retention of classified material. “You need to have an incredibly strong indictment if you’re… going after the leading candidate, the man with the potential to unseat the incumbent president.”

“But if this becomes a politically divided prosecution where the Republicans are on one side, the Democrats are on the other, it moves the election out of the polling booth to the courthouse. And that’s not where elections ought to be held.”

He also pointed at the lack of attention given to allegations against President Joe Biden, which he claims are being ignored by the mainstream media and Democrats. Dershowitz referred to bank records presented by James Comer, which purportedly show that the Biden family received significant amounts of money from foreign nationals.

Many have suggested that if there is a push to indict Trump based on available information, there should be equal scrutiny of Biden and his son. Dershowitz emphasized the need for equal justice and expressed concerns about the politicization of the criminal justice system.

Dershowitz warned that if the indictment against Trump turns out to be as weak as the previous cases brought against him, it would only serve to further erode the public’s faith in the justice system.


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