DARK BRANDON: “I Like My Coffee Dark”


This is some sick stuff….

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “Dark Brandon”.

I’m not quite sure where or how it started.

Of course the Brandon part dates back to that Nascar event where they were chanting “FJB” and the news reporter tried to think on her feet and she said “I think they’re saying Let’s Go Brandon.”


No they weren’t.

They were telling Joe Biden to go F himself.

But the Dark part?

Perhaps that was from when Joe Biden told us we had a dark winter of death coming soon, remember this?

However it came about, somehow “Dark Brandon” became a think.

Basically, a “more evil” Joe Biden, as if that were possible?

But here’s the really sick part.

A day after sending his DOJ attack dogs after the man who is leading him in the polls as if he were a third world dictator, Joe Biden plays right into the Dictator narrative by posting this:

You think that’s funny Joe?

You think truly being a Dictator is funny?

Oh how epic it’s going to be when the Trump Boomerang strikes you.

You just opened the door for Trump to prosecute you and you’re too dumb and senile to even see it.

Here is some more “Dark Brandon”:

What kind of fool wants to embrace this image?

He thinks this is a good look?


Here is Joe hanging out with his racist friends:

I like what this one says….

Dark Brandon = Corrupt Criminal


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