Democrat Congressional Candidate Wishes Death On Trump Supporters Over Ukraine Aid


A Democrat congressional candidate running in New York’s 26th Congressional District wished death on Trump supporters and pro-Trump politicians over opposition to the $60 billion aid package to Ukraine, which was passed in the House on Saturday.

“Slava Ukraine,” wrote Democrat candidate Nate McMurray, who is to fill a vacant seat in New York’s 26th district. “Die Maga. You lose.”

McMurray’s post was promptly “ratioed” on X, meaning it received more replies than likes or reposts.

“What do you know about war, son?” asked Air Force veteran Buzz Patterson. “OK Rambo. I’m glad you’re able to make a living off your military service. How’s your socialized pension?” McMurray replied.

When conservative commentator Gunter Eagleman jumped in to call McMurray a “commie cuck,” the Democrat replied by saying “I GUARANTEE you wouldn’t say that to me in a ring.”

“You’re running for Congress AND calling for half the country to be murdered? ” wrote another X user.

“Since you seem to support Ukraine more than you do the United States; why don’t you go over there and fight for them,” said another.

Despite objections from 110 Republicans, the $60 billion aid package for Ukraine passed with support from 101 House Republicans and all House Democrats. President Biden has long called on Congress to pass the foreign aid package and is expected to sign it once it reaches his desk.

The House soon passed additional aid packages, including a $20 billion package for Israel and another for Taiwan.

Upon passing the Ukraine package, Democrats could be heard chanting “Ukraine” as the waved the Ukrainian flag on the House floor.

A number of House Republicans have called for the removal of Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) in response to the vote.


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