“DeSantis 2024” Plot is Running Out of Gas. What Happened? One Guy Says He Knows Exactly What Went Wrong for Ron…


So, about a month or so ago, there was a lot of hype around this idea of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pulling a total “Judas” move, and trying to take out President Trump.

Mind you, DeSantis wouldn’t be the governor of Florida if it weren’t for Trump, who dragged his limp campaign across the finish line because Ron couldn’t beat a bi-sexual meth-head on his own. And after that, and after all the support Trump showed DeSantis, what does he do? He climbs in bed with the establishment and NeverTrump to try to destroy Trump and end MAGA once and for all.

There is nothing more disloyal and scuzzy that that move. And yes, it’s real. This plot is literally the worst kept secret in D.C. Why do you think DeSantis hasn’t come out to endorse Trump or disavow the rumors of him running, or speak out against support he’s getting from NeverTrump globalists like Paul Singer, Paul Ryan, and the Bush empire? What’s going on is painfully obvious to most, but some stragglers are still in denial.

And to think people actually got angry at President Trump for fighting back? Would you stand up for yourself if a so-called “trusted friend” and “ally” stabbed you in the back? I sure hope you would.

And Trump fighting back has actually worked. Because since Trump and his supporters, have started pushing back and calling out what DeSantis was doing and the plans to destroy Trump and MAGA, Ron’s popularity has slipped.


There’s a many reasons why this is happening. Mainly what I mentioned above: the disloyalty.

And honestly, ask yourself this: why now? DeSantis is young, he can make his own way, lose the “establishment” backing, and launch a campaign in 2028, right?

Why now?

The ONLY reason to do this now is to destroy MAGA. Period and end of story. This is the establishment’s best chance yet to finally take out Trump’s movement, and they roped Ron in, the only guy with even a fighting chance to give Trump a challenge.

But what these establishment types don’t realize is that Trump is a “movement.” He’s not a “campaign.” There’s a level of love and loyalty that Trump has from the people that you will not see anywhere else. And “paid establishment propaganda” campaigns won’t ever be able to compare with that.

And like I said above, it’s starting to show.

National poll after poll shows “DeSantis 2024” hemorrhaging support.  Even the online Twitter polls have DeSantis sinking, and that says a lot because Twitter is a haven for the DeSantis 2024 crowd. It’s their “safe space” to fantasize about him.

Take a look:

This is from January:

And this is from February:

What a difference a month makes, right?

People are waking up and starting to see what the establishment and NeverTrump are actually trying to do.

Here’s what conservative pundit Alex Bruesewitz said about this latest Breaking 911 online Twitter poll:

What changed in the last couple weeks? 1. DeSantis has been outed for working with establishment to oust Trump 2. DeSantis held event with Dominion’s attorney and praised her 3. DeSantis allowed Disney to remain tax exempt 4. Soros said he wants DeSantis to run & beat “pitiful” Trump 5. Trump goes to East Palestine, DeSantis goes on Swamp funded book tour. Twitter conservatives are waking up.

He’s right.

President Trump went to East Palestine on Tuesday, and the raw realness of his interactions with average people is something a career politician can never duplicate. Ever. I don’t care how well he runs Florida, or any state for that matter. It just won’t happen.

I think Jack Posobiec put it best when he said this about yesterday’s visit:

He’s also right. All of this “DeSantis 2024” nonsense will do is divide our movement and make us weaker and allow the establishment an opportunity to get their foot back in the door, with our without DeSantis.

Will Ron come to his senses and back out of this mess? Let’s hope so, if he doesn’t, this will political suicide for him.


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